Maintenance Procedure of Ring Spinning Machines

Last Updated on 08/01/2021

Maintenance Procedure of Ring Spinning Machines

Mustaque Ahammed Mamun
Department of Textile Engineering
Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET)


Maintenance may be defined as the chronological process of systematic activities done for keeping the mc or equipment’s at the heat level for well run or its proper services. Machines play a principal role in determining the productivity of an industry, the quality of its products, power consumption and working atmosphere. In spinning mill, maintenance of spinning machines are very important for getting proper efficiency. Because the performance of the spinning mill depends on the proper maintenance of spinning machines.

Maintenance of Spinning Machine
Fig: Maintenance of Spinning Machines

All the textile machinery both process and related ones are high performance machinery and they have to maintained well to ensure their high performance and efficiency. Also proper maintenance ensures their long operating life.

Types of Maintenance of Machines in Yarn Spinning Mill:
The following types of maintenance are carried out in spinning machines:

1. Schedule Maintenance: Here mainly all the machines are checked on the basis of a fixed schedule of time. Different machine parts are opened, cleaned, lubricated, gauged and replaced if necessary.

2. Predictive Maintenance: This type includes maintenance of spinning machines part on the basis of suspicion that they consists problem and will cause greater problem in future. It also includes the gear changes that are done to adjust count, ktex etc of machinery and overhauling.

3. Breakdown Maintenance: When a machine stops due to failure of machine parts, then it is called machine breakdown. The maintenance that is done to repair and make it ready to run is called breakdown maintenance.

The points that are checked during the maintenance of different spinning machines as well as different lubricating points are given in the following section –

Maintenance of Blowroom Machine:

Maintenance Points: 

Machine NameMaintenance PointWork to be Done
Unifloc A11Fan ImpellerChecking .
Inside Swivel Tower unitCleaning.
Take-off Roller/Retracting Roller/Swivel FlapsCleaning and Checking.
Covering belts/DuctsCleaning, Checking and Tension.
All types of Belts/RollersCleaning, Checking and Tension.
All drive ChainCleaning, Checking, Tension and Oiling.
Gear Motor of Retracting RollersCheck Oil Level.
Tooth SegmentsChecking.
Brake Lift DriveCheck Oil Level.
UniClean  B11/B12Sealing Strips (Lock Roller)Cleaning
Grid BarCleaning
Inside of Drum and Grid adjustmentCleaning
Perforated sheet for dust extractionCleaning, Checking, Adjusting
V-Belt for Drum DriveTension
Lock rollerdrive chainCleaning,Checking
Inner part of the spike feed latticeCleaning
Unimix B-70/B-71All types beltsChecking, Tension
All drive ChainCleaning, checking, tension, Oiling
Separating vanes, Exhaust air chambersCleaning
Storage section inner chamberCleaning
Rivets & spikes of spiked feed laticeCleaning, checking
Conveyor beltChecking, Cleaning
Closing flap & spike feedChecking
Spike feed lattice bearingChecking
Cotton filterTension
All Gear boxCheck oil level
Stripping rollerChecking
Uniflex B-60Lamella chuteCleaning
All drive chainChecking, Cleaning, Oiling
Saw tooth rollerChecking, Cleaning
Grid BarChecking, Cleaning
All SealsChecking
Condenser A-21Drum sealChecking
StripperCleaning, Checking
All types beltCleaning, Checking, Tension
Perforated drum inside or outsideCleaning
All bearingchecking
Take off rollerCleaning
Outside the m/cCleaning
Material in , out and exhaust lineChecking,Cleaning

Lubrication Points:

MachineLubricating PointsLubricantsIntervals
Unifloc-A11All roller chainMobil Gear 632 or Chain

Spary Hotemp 2000 Spary

25 to 45 Days
Unimix B-70All roller chainMobil Gear 632 or Chain

Spary Hotemp 2000 Spary

25 to 45 Days
Uniflex B-60All roller chainMobil Gear 632 or Chain

Spary Hotemp 2000 Spary

25 to 45 Days
Uniclean B-11Chain of lock rollerMobil Gear 632 or Chain

Spary Hotemp 2000 Spary

25 to 45 Days

Maintenance of Carding Machine: 

Maintenance Points: 

SL NO.Maintenance PointWork to be done
 01.Carding elementCleaning
02.All bearing conditionChecking
03.Flat to cylinder settingChecking
 04.Front auto leveler surroundingsTension,Cleaning
05.Cylinder insideCleaning
06.Cylinder gasketChecking
07.Stripping knifeChecking
08.Can turntableCleaning
09.Card clothing conditionChecking
 10.All suction pointsChecking, Cleaning
11.Detaching unitCleaning
13.All types beltsTension, Checking
14.Flat drive beltTension

Lubrication Points:

SL NO.Lubricating PointSuggested LubricatingIntervals
01.Cylinder bearingGrease EP-2(10-14) months
02.Bearing of the card flats,cleaning brush and cleaning combGrease EP-2(10-14) months
03.Card flat driveKluber plex BEM34-132(10-14) months

Maintenance of Unilap Machine: 

Maintenance points:

Maintenance AreaMaintenance PointsWork to be done
Table calendarTop cleaning device & bottom cleaning deviceClean and check its physical condition
Suction UnitMote knives, waste suction pipesClean and check suction properly
FilterClean and check condition
Sliver feed frameSliver guide, guide rollsClean properly and check setting
Drafting systemTop & bottom rollers , tension barClean, check gauge and reset if required
Drive unitsAll belts and chainsClean, check tension, greasing and apply grease if required
Safety deviceSafety switch, pneumatic switchCheck functioning
LubricationDrafting gear box, main gear box and all greasing pointCheck oil level and put oil if required, also check greasing
Gear UnitsSetting gearClean and check gear meshing, vibration, abnormal sound etc.
Lapping unitLap guide plateClean and check condition
Condenser rollerClean properly
Electrical functionMotor, electronic board, limit switch, proximity switch etc.To be cleaned and checked by electrical persons.
Nut and boltDrafting gear box, main gear box, lap roller drum, lap plate etc.Tightness check and make correct if required.
TrolleyTrolley wheel, pneumatic systemClean the wheel and the outer surface

Maintenance of Comber Machine:  

Maintenance Points:

Maintenance AreaMaintenance PointsWork to be done
Delivery UnitFeed table, trumpet, calendar roller, table funnelClean and check condition, adjust if required
Top combs, clearer rolls and flats, bearing of the bottom roller, circular comb, filter, spring assembliesClean and check condition, adjust if required
Nipper, nipper lever on in-feed side, circular comb brushClean and check condition, adjust if required
Feeding throats, feed roller, nipper lips, top detaching roller, fleece guide plates, top delivery roller, lap plateClean and check condition and gauge, adjust if required
Draft systemStripper, Top and bottom rollerClean properly, check physical condition
Belt tension and conditionTiming belt, flat belt, V-beltClean all the belt, check tension and adjust if required
Gauge pointsSetting and condition of top comb, circular comb brushGauge check and adjust if required
Roller, nipper feed plate, nipper gauge, bottom detaching roller gaugeGauge check and adjust if required
Machine SideOuter surface of the machine and conditionClean properly

Gear Box

Oil level in gear boxCheck oil level and apply oil if necessary
All gearCheck gear condition, correct if required
Can changerChain tension on turn tableClean and check condition, adjust if required



Greasing points

Bearing, bush of the top detaching rollerClean and check, grease if required
Drafting roller, strip nipper frame, lower delivery and table calendarClean and check, grease if required
Batt tension roll axles and other greasing pointsClean and check, grease if required
Nut-BoltsTop comber nipper, circular comb, top roller pressure, main gear box, index wheel, all pulley, can wheel, coiler wheel, lap feed plate, lap roller nut-bolt.Check tightness and make correct if required.
Electrical partsMotor, motor fan, photo-cell, limit switch, electronic board, connection cableCheck and clean by electrical person

Maintenance of Finisher Draw Frame: 

Maintenance Points:  

Maintenance AreaMaintenance PointsWork to be done
Auto levelerFunnel, scanning roller, contact roller, gatherer, nail and stripperClean and check their condition, make correct if required
Drafting ZoneTop & bottom rollerClean and check its gauge, reset if required.
Pressure bar, round guide bar, top roller, weighing frame, funnel, condenser, trumpet, coilerClean properly, check physical condition
Suction systemFilter box, filter screen, fan bladeClean properly and check filters and blade condition.
Can changerCan PlateClean and check that it works correctly
GearClean, check meshing condition, vibration, abnormal noise etc.
Power cylinderClean and check that it is working correctly.
Belt tension and conditionFlat belt, V-belt, timing beltClean all the belt, check tension & adjust.
Gear boxPlanetary gear boxCheck oil level and put oil if required
Nut-BoltTop roller lock, pulley nut-bolt, creel nut-bolt, drafting zone nut-boltCheck tightness and make perfect tightness
Electrical partsMotor, fan, limit switch, proximity switch, creel light barrierClean and check by electrical persons
Outer SurfaceOuter surface of the whole machineClean properly

Maintenance of Simplex: 

Maintenance Points:  

Maintenance AreaMaintenance PointsWork to be done
Back SideCreelClean and check bearing condition
Balancing spring and chainClean and check greasing
CWCClean and check belt tension and condition
Creel chainClean and check greasing
Grease level in the grease pumpCheck grease level and apply grease if required, Check grease pump
Photo cellClean by soft cloth
Rack grooveClean and check greasing
GE headBelt tension and its conditionCheck and adjust if necessary
Lifter gear box, main gear boxCheck oil level and filter and put oil if required
Gear settingCheck gear meshing, observe vibration, sound etc.
Bearing and greasing pointCheck bearing condition, vibration and sound, check greasing and apply grease if required
All nuts and boltsCheck tightness and make it correct if required
OE HeadSensorClean all the sensor with soft cloth.
Blanching chainClean and check greasing
Drafting ZoneTraverse bar and sliver guideClean, check setting
Top & bottom rollerClean, gauge check and adjust if required
Condenser assemblyClean, check assembly and make correct if necessary
Top & bottom clearer clothClean, check condition
Neck bearing of bottom rollerClean, check cover missing or broken, nipple missing or broken, replace if required
Cradle unitClean and check functioning and wear and tear
Pressure armCheck height gauge and re-adjust if required
Top & bottom apronClean properly with suitable detergent, check condition for replacement
Flyer rail & Bobbin railBobbin Rail & SealOpen the cover, Clean it & check the gear condition
Flyer capClean and set properly
Flyer and its gearClean, check gear meshing condition
ShaftClean and check condition
Outer surfaceOuter surface of the machineClean the outer surface properly

Maintenance of Ring Frame (RX-240): 

Maintenance points:

SL NO.Maintenance PointsWork to be done
01.Top cot roller and cradleCleaning
02.Travers track of roving guideChecking, Adjusting
03.Gear BearingsChecking
04.Top and bottom apronCleaning
05.Teeth surface of all gears at head stockCleaning, Checking
06.Mesh clearance of the gearsChecking
07.Fluted roller bearingsChecking
08.Bottom fluted rollerCleaning
09.Suction tubeChecking, Adjusting
10.Top & bottom apronWashing
11.Gauge of travelerChecking, Adjusting
12.Spindle bladeChecking
13.Ring rail height gaugeChecking, Adjusting
14.Top roller gaugeChecking, Adjusting
15.Ring rail position gaugeChecking, Adjusting
16.Balloon control ring centerChecking, Adjusting
17.Top roller arm pressure gaugeChecking, Adjusting
18.Lappet rail height gaugeChecking, Adjusting
19.Filter boxChecking

Lubrication Points:

SL NO.Lubricating PointSuggested LubricantsInterval
01.Tim pulley shaft bearingMobilux EP-2(05-07) Months
02.GE gearingMobil gear oil 632(05-07) Months
03.Spindle bolsterMobile velocite oil 6(05-07) Months
04.Drive shaft bearingMobilux EP-2(05-07) Months
05.Tape tension  pulley bearingMolilith SHC-100(05-07) Months
06.Screw shaft lifting gearMobilux EP-2(05-07) Months


07.Spar gear in the gear boxMobilux EP-2(05-07) Months
08.Screw shaft in the power cylinderMobilux EP-2(05-07) Months
09.Taper roller bearing in the power cylinderMobilux EP-2(05-07) Months
10.Crank lever bracketMobilux EP-2(05-07) Months

Maintenance of Auto Coner: 

Maintenance Points:

Maintenance AreaMaintenance PointWork to be done
Waxing DeviceWaxing shaftCleaning and checking any damaged(cut)
Pressure forkCleaning and checking any damaged(cut)
Locking flapRemove the yarn accumulation and cleaning
Yarn trapRemove the yarn accumulation
Guide PlateCleaning the wax properly
Splice UnitSplice cutterCleaning and apply R.S. – 400
Prism and its coverCleaning the prism by compressed air
Untwist nozzleClean/wash by petrol & brush, checking the position
Clamping guideCleaning by cloth
PointerChecking the position of similarity
Feeder armChecking the position
Tension DeviceRubber sleeveCleaning
Sensor (Tension)Cleaning carefully and adjust if required
CutterCleaning and apply RS-400 spray
Lower end sensorCleaning the sensing area
Cradle HolderPackage adapterCheck for unobstructed rotation
Sliding part (cradle)Cleaning and apply silicon oil
Cradle sensorCheck its cover and screw
MagazineCircular magazineDis-assy, check, clean and refixing
Chute doorCleaning, centering check
EjectorCleaning & movement check
Bobbin pegCleaning
Conveyor beltDeflection rollerRemove loose yarn ends from the deflection rollers
Tensioning DeviceRemove cover from the belt tensioning device of the conveyor belt and remove yarn laps / jam if required
FilterCleaning by compressed air
ShifterCleaning and put one drop silicon oil
Suction end and Head stockCleaning the fly waste from head stock and suction device compartment
Checking and GaugingSuction armChecking (adjust if required)
Cradle vibrationChecking (adjust if required)
Paper cone to drumChecking (adjust if required)
Bobbin peg centeringChecking (adjust if required)
Dust collection assym. (OHTC)Checking (adjust the alignment if required)
EYCChecking the sensitivity
All kinds of nut & boltNut-bolt checking, tightening if required

Lubrication Points: 

Lubrication PointsUsed LubricantsIntervals
Lubricate the RH package adapterSilicon oil (S-1000)1 month
Apply the maintenance spray (RS-400) on both splice cutter and lower yarn cutterMaintenance spray RS-4001 month
Lubricate the LH package adapterShell Alvania grease – R24 months
Lubricate the RH package adapterKluberplex BE 32-2221 year
Lubricate the suction drive motorShell Alvania grease – R24 months
Lubricate all internal rotating partsLithium grease containingMos2 / Molykote spray4 months
Lubricate all bearing points of the gearLithium grease containingMos2 / Molykote spray8 months
All toothed wheel and toothed segment of central housingShell Alvania grease – R28 months
Lubricate the yarn guide drumShell Alvania grease – R22.5 years

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