How Does Music Influenced Fashion Trends

How Does Music Influenced Fashion Trends

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It’s challenging to envision a time when music and fashion do not coexist. Our lives are greatly impacted by music, which also says a lot about the times we live in. History has demonstrated that music has a big influence on fashion. The general public may appreciate and engage in fashion and music since they are both emotional and approachable forms of art. Both have been employed historically as ways of expressing oneself. Fashion is one of the most blatant era markers, similar to music, and it exposes more about our culture than we know. In almost every decade of the preceding century, you can observe how music influenced fashion trends (and vice versa).

music influenced fashion trends

Historical Perspective:
There has been a close relationship between fashion and music for ages. In 1986, when Run D.M.C.’s popular song “My Adidas” was being played on boomboxes, millions of people were praising the apparel business bearing the three-stripe logo. As soon as Adidas learned of this, they offered the hip-hop group $1.5 million to represent the company. Furthermore, Run D.M.C. created a line of sneakers with the group’s logo sewn on the back. This was the first apparel deal for Hip-First.

Famous musicians from the 2010s, like Drake, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West, all had a big influence on current fashion trends. A well-known musician without a sponsorship or marketing agreement is rather rare. Nowadays, it goes without saying that if you turn on the radio, you will hear advertising for designer brand names. It used to seem like music would give away free advertising for high-end fashion brands. For example, Gunna admitted on the 2018 hit song “Drip Too Hard” that he has trouble spelling the names of these designer brands, and Young Thug promoted expensive Chanel bags on the song “Chanel (Go Get It)”.

How Does Music Influenced Fashion Trends?
There are numerous ways that music has influenced fashion trends. By influencing people through their music, musicians alter vogue. The following could be viewed as a connection between music and fashion:

1. Branding in the Music Industry:
The branding of musicians depends heavily on fashion, which has evolved into a distinctive component of music culture. By establishing a particular style and a distinctive stage presence, musicians may market their music. Many contemporary musicians either have their own clothing lines or collaborate with fashion companies to promote their brands. The fact that musicians may even be compensated to feature specific brands or products in their music further connects the link between music and fashion trends.

2. Generality in Both Music and Fashion:
Due to the fact that many fans of a certain musical genre frequently dress in that way as much as they listen to it, there are stylistic correlations between particular genres and the proper outfit. On heavy metal enthusiasts, you generally find black boots, leather, and denim. Torn clothing and graphic t-shirts are characteristics of punk. Oversized apparel and hip-hop are frequently associated. The oversimplification or misuse of quote that define the common perception of a certain genre leads to stereotyping. They are often established on dominant views rather than the individuals, but they might be affected by or have some parallels with subcultures that are defined by the people who choose to belong to them.

3. Lifestyle of Gigs:
The next time you go to a live music event, just pay attention to how people are dressed since it almost certainly reflects the image of the band or genre or feature some merchandise that the audience finds particularly appealing. Music enthusiasts frequently utilize a concert as an opportunity to show their support for their favourite singers by attractive clothes that coordinates with other attendees from the fan base. Band T-shirts have developed into a fashion statement unto itself, contributing significantly to an artist’s income along with other merchandise.

Music Inspired Fashion Brands:

1. Wacko Maria:
Wacko Maria once said, “Music is the trigger of all imaginations”. The label’s founder, Mr. Atsuhiko Mori, fell in love with the deep, rebellious sounds of Bob Marley and the Wailers as a teenager growing up in Japan. In 2020, he had the chance to work with his idol’s estate on a capsule collection of camp-collared shirts. However, Mori’s preferences are also rather diverse; he has a sizable, museum-quality record collection that includes everything from ska to electronic music, and the vinyl disc frequently appears on the brand’s designs. He also oversees Killer Tunes Broadcast, a platform that features emerging musicians.

Wacko Maria

2. Stray Rats:
South Florida native Mr. Julian Consuegra, who founded STRAY RATS, was raised in the 1970s Miami hardcore punk scene and spent his formative years creating posters, T-shirts, and album covers for regional underground bands. Because of this, the anarchistic subgenre continues to serve as a point of reference for his streetwear business. His designs have a distinct DIY vibe and variously include bold, rock ‘n’ roll typography and graphic prints of rodents, skeletons, and anime characters. And even its name comes from punk rock’s fixation with “rats,” as evidenced by the Rats EP by garage-punk band.

Stray Rats

3. Flagstuff:
Even while some of the coolest, most prominent labels in menswear can be found in Tokyo today—a true epicentre for streetwear—the founder of Flagstuff grew up idolising American popular culture. Mr. Nobuyuki Murayama was an avid collector of vintage band T-shirts as a child and was obsessed with skate culture and music from the 1990s and 2000s. He later worked as a buyer for a well-known second-hand store in Tokyo. Unsurprisingly, his own clothing line, which is full of graphic slogan T-shirts, psychedelic tie-dyed sweats, beanies, and cardigans worthy of Mr. Kurt Cobain, has been influenced by his youthful tastes and his love of Americana. Collaborations with US rock bands like The Flaming Lips and The Cramps are also taking place.


4. Paradise:
Although Mr. Sean Pablo, the founder of PARADISE, possesses a wide range of skills (he is also an artist and, yes, a musician), he initially gained recognition as a skateboarding prodigy and a member of Supreme’s skate team. It’s a love he acquired from his father, who was a skate punk pioneer in LA and exposed him to bands like Black Flag and X in the 1970s. Sonic Youth to Mr. Michael Jackson have appeared on vintage style band T-shirts from Pablo, whose punchy designs are inspired by various facets of skate culture and American popular culture in general. Additionally, since the days of Odd Future, he has been good friends with fellow skater and cultural polymath Tyler, the Creator.


To sum up, music has always been associated with fashion and style. However, modern musicians have a much greater impact on what is cool and stylish. These modern musicians have a bigger influence on fashion than ever before since they constantly promote businesses in their songs, through brand collaborations, and through their clothing lines. Music and fashion have been intertwined since from ancient times.



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