Different Types of Beanies with Pictures

Different Types of Beanies with Pictures

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A simply a knitted winter cap that fits snugly usually on any head is known as beanie. Usually hikers, snowboarders and fashion lovers wear it. Beanie is a timeless accessory. Generally, they are manufactured from fibres like wool, cotton, blends, or synthetic materials and found to be soft, warm, and stretchy in nature. Beyond that, there are many different types of beanies available. They can have a either folded cuff, a prominent peak, a ribbed texture, or a pompom, and even a brim. It is also called as a stocking cap, a ski cap, or a skull cap, the name “beanie” originated from the early 1900s when the slang term “bean” was referred to the head. This simple style of hat was very famous among factory and construction workers for keeping their hair and scalp warm and clean while doing their job and fishermen on cold voyages.

Different Types of Beanies:
A beanie can help you to rescue you from a bad hair day and can also amaze your overall style as well as fashion statement. So below are some of the important types of beanies.

1. Fisherman beanie:
When it comes to these types of beanies, it is usually short beanies that are worn over the top of the head, without wrapping the ears. As the name itself conveys that it was originally worn by the fishermen. The main important purpose of folding the beanie over the head is not to miss out the communication when they are out in the sea. But currently it’s a very popular type of beanie.

Fisherman beanie
Fig: Fisherman beanie

2. High top beanie / Peaked beanies:
This type of beanie usually has a peaked shape. High-top beanies basically have space particularly at the top of the hat. They are generally being worn high on the head. They are usually developed with a stronger knit fabric to prevent them from dropping to the sides. The peaked beanies peak at the top of the head in a point, just similar an elf’s hat.

High top beanie
Fig: High top beanie

3. Earflap beanie:
These beanies are superb for kids but of course, are suitable for anyone who is finding for extra warmth. This design usually comes with tassels that are specifically fashionable as well as functional. In extreme weather conditions, like wind, tassels can be tied together for the purpose of extra security. This hat variety is simply found in a wool blend scenario, though many different raw materials can be used.

Earflap beanie
Fig: Earflap beanie

4. Cuffed beanie:
It is pretty straightforward type of beanie that is characterized by a rolled piece of fabric which is attached to the opening of the hat. Basically, a cuff can come tacked and cannot be changed, or you can roll one yourself. People typically like a lot this type of hat because it provides an additional layer of warmth around the hat’s opening and offers good protection for the ears.

Cuffed beanie
Fig: Cuffed beanie

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5. Cuffless beanie:
Unlike a cuffed beanie, a cuffless style of beanie has a smooth kind of finish, but could be made with any fabric, even with a chunky knit. This simple beanie style means no fold is structured at the opening of the hat, but it also means that you could roll a cuff yourself if your hat is so big or you feel like altering up your look. Just as cuffed hats, cuffless beanies can be available in many colors and can be made of different kinds material you desire. At this point, you should look for colors that compliment with your scarf and winter jacket.

Cuffless beanie
Fig: Cuffless beanie

6. Visor beanie:
As much as one can like the sun, guiding clear of the damage it can cause is easy with these type of beanie. The special feature is that it provides a few more inches over the face, which offers a good protection for sensitive skin. Visor beanies just required a visor, so they can be available in any material, just like a cozy knit. It basically has a cuff so that portion of the hat can easily and seamlessly incorporate a visor into its appearance.

Visor Beanie
Fig: Visor Beanie

7. Slouchy beanie:
It can offer for different kinds of looks, whether you’re into the hipster vibe or required a hat to grasp dreadlocks. This style is famous for its roomy and cozy nature, which makes it great for all sized heads. Men and women admire by the way this hat utilizes excess amount of fabric to create stylish folds. Slouchy hats can come in many different fabric, most likely wool, cotton, acrylic, and polyester blends.

Slouchy beanie
Fig: Slouchy beanie

8. Parisian beanie:
Basically it has that casual slouchy feel but done in a turban style, so that its signature circular shape is being maintained. It is specially characterized by small knitted border, these kinds of summer beanies are simply comes in beautiful and delicate knit patterns.

Parisian beanie
Fig: Parisian beanie

9. Hipster beanie:
Although they may be called as hipster beanies, but they can be a fashionable option for anyone with style. These hats are usually tightly cropped in nature and also cuffed, coming in a variety of different colors. These hats are not more chunky, but if you find one with an acrylic blend or made out of luxurious cashmere, it’ll keep away all weather and keep you pretty warm from inside.

Hipster Beanie
Fig: Hipster Beanie

10. Pom pom beanie:
What’s not to like about a delicious pom pom beanie style? These are basically come with a chunky knit and always contain a fluffy, soft pom pom on top of the head that feels lavish to the touch. This look is so pretty specific and gives out a elegant Scandinavian wintry vibe. It’s cozy and soft nature definitely makes for a fun gift. You can go with any color.

pom pom beanie
Fig: Pom pom beanie

To summarize with, as winter comes, it’s time to pull out all those different beanies, hats, scarves, and gloves that you’ve kept in the closet. If you like refreshing your wardrobe with each upcoming new season, and choosing a new winter beanies can be so much fun in a season that can be pretty dull. Due to their close crop, beanies has specialty of providing the best versatility and the most warmth out of all the types of beanies out there. Of course, there is so much styles and fashion within the beanie family alone.


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Q1. Are beanies good for hair?
Ans: Usually, they are a nice solution when worn on occasion or in brief instances of cold weather. However, more use can prevent scalp restoration and eventually prevent hair growth.

Q2. Why to wear a beanie?
Ans: There are specific reasons to wear beanies, some wear for sun protection, especially if they have thinning hair. Beanies can also add style while covering bald spots. Also it is seen that, wool beanie can keep your head warm in the winter.

Q3. Is it OK to wear a beanie Everyday?
Ans: Basically, beanies can be bad for your hair if they are usually worn too tight, too often, or if they cause friction on the hair. To avoid damaging your hair while still enjoying the advantages of a warm beanie, it’s important to be mindful of the way you wear your beanie and to take steps to protect your hair.

Q4. Does beanie mean girl?
Ans: Past in the day, a beanie was a slang term for a girl.

Q5. Do beanies make hair flat?
Ans: It is found that, hat hair tends to also be flat hair. To help control that effect, pump up the volume before you wear a hat. If your hair basically don’t have much volume to begin with, it’s going to flatten faster and look more limp than if you start with voluminous locks.

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