Basic Parts of a Weaving Loom and Their Functions

Last Updated on 30/01/2021

Basic Parts of a Weaving Loom and Their Functions

Muhaiminul Islam Ovi
Bangladesh University of Textiles


Basic Parts of a Weaving Loom:
Clothes are second basic need of human being. People make clothes by using a method which interlacing the different types of yarns together. This process is popularly known as ‘weaving’. Textile weaving is as old as our civilization. Weaving is practiced all over the globe. Looms are the most well known word to the people in terms of weaving. The main function of the loom is to weave clothes. For enhancing the working capabilities, the size and shape of the looms may vary but the basic structure of all types of looms are same.

There are many types of looms are available in this era. Some of them are:

  1. Back strap loom
  2. Warp weighted loom
  3. Draw loom
  4. Handloom
  5. Haute lisse loom
  6. Power loom etc.

All these looms have the same basic structures. From this article we will know about the main parts of loom elaborately.

basic parts of a weaving loom
Fig: Basic parts of a loom

Description of the Basic Parts of a Weaving Loom

It is also called Heddle. It holds the warp yarns in a place. It also helps in shed formation. It is used for determining the warp thread density in a fabric.

Heald shaft:
It is also known as harness. The wood or metal frame that holds the heddles in a certain position in the loom is called harness. Number of harness available in loom usually more than one.

This is used for the interlacement of the warp & weft yarns.

Shuttle box:
It is a box which is used to retain the shuttle in the picking motion.

It is placed in the shuttle box. It may be formed by leather or other metals.

It is a cylindrical body in which the multiple warp ends is used in such way that permits the removal of yarns as a warp sheet.

Front rest:
It is a fixed roller placed in front of the loom. It is situated above the cloth beam & work as a guide for the cloth to wind.

Lease rods:
The division of warp yarns into one & one, two & two etc is termed as lease. The two rods passed between the two divisions of warp yarns. Those are called lease rods.

Slay contains the reed.

It is generally comb which is used to separate yarns. It also beats up the yarns in weaving process.

The treadle is a paddle or lever placed under a loom. Here a thread is connected with the help of cords.

It is the roller device on a loom that hold the cloth at a proper width.

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