Working Procedure of Sample Dyeing for Knit Fabric

Last Updated on 24/01/2022

Sample Dyeing in Knit Dyeing Section:
Sample dyeing is done before going to bulk production in dyeing mill. To achieve the desired shade of fabric in the dyeing process, sample dyeing is essential instead of going for a bulk production. Normally a textile dyeing mill get offer through merchandiser. Merchandising department of dyeing mill send the swatch to the central dyeing lab. Then the lab manager analysis the color of swatch with the help of spectrophotometer. After shade matching three sample are submitted to the buyer or buyer agents. If sample is approved by the buyer then this sample recipe are sent to floor for bulk production. The dyeing master dyeing the sample for bulk production. Now I will give the flow chart of sample dyeing for bulk production in knit dyeing section.

sample dyeing machine
Figure: Sample dyeing machine

 Working Flow Chart of Sample Dyeing (Knit Dyeing Section)

(Scouring and Bleaching)

Water load in sample dyeing machine

Fabric load

Temperature raised in 50°C

Scouring chemical added (dosing time 10min)

Temperature raised in 60°C

NaOH dosing ( dosing time 5min)

Temperature raised in 70°C

Hydrogen Peroxide dosing (dosing time 10min)

Temperature raised in 100-110°C and running at 30min

Cooling at 80°C

Rinse or normal wash (10min)

Drain out

New water load

Temperature raised in 55°C

Add acid + OEM ( for destroying Hydrogen Peroxide power)

pH check and obtain 4.5 by adding acetic acid

Enzyme is added and run time 60 min

Sample check if approved by in-charge

Rinse (run time 15min)

Drain out



New water load

pH check and obtain 5.6 by adding acetic acid

Temperature raised at 50-55°C

Dyeing auxiliaries added (leveling agent, anti creasing agent, sequestering agent etc)

Salt added and running at 10min

Color is added and dosing time 30 min (Reactive dyes, Disperse dyes, Acid dyes etc)

Running time 25 min

Temperature raised at 60°C

Soda ash (dosing time 35 min)

Sample cutting for checking after 10 min later

If approve then rinse at 20 min

New water load

Add acetic acid for neutralization at 40°C and run at 10min

Rinse at 5 min

Drain out

New water load

Temperature raised at 90-95°C and 10 min running

Cooling at 80°C

Rinse (for cut sample)

Shade checking if approve by in-charge then

Rinse and running at 15 min

Drain out

New water load

Temperature raised at 30°C

Fixing agent added (GG-100, ECO, CR) and dosing time 10min

Rinse (10min)

Drain out

New water load

Temperature raised at 40°C

Softener added and run time 30 min

Shade matching if approve then

Fabric unload

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