Importance of Comfort in Intimate Wear for Women

Women’s intimate wears are an establishment on which their entire style and appearance depends. The main style tip is to wear great inner garments for women. Physical changes occur depending on the underwear. Tight underwear can cause damage to the body. So the comfort is the importance factor for the selection of intimate wear for women.

Importance of comfort in Intimate Wear
Fig: Importance of comfort in intimate wear

Importance of Comfort in Intimate Wear:

The importance and necessity of intimate wear, like the other garments we use, is both great and many. It is portrayed as our ‘second skin’. Women wear underwear such as bras, sport bras, panties etc. Comfort should be given more importance than fashion in choosing intimate wear like lingerie. This dress one’s wear all day long, so it is recommended to be comfortable.

👉Whatever the underwear, it should be the right size. Even knitted should not be too loose or tight. Using the wrong size underwear does not serve the purpose you wear. In the right shape, only the genitals get the necessary support. However, when it is too loose or too tight, the body suffers from excessive pressure of yarn or ribbon.

👉Fabric or yarn is a very important issue in lingerie. Not only will they feel uncomfortable with the wrong fabric, it can also cause various problems to anyone skin. It is better not to use intimate wear that is too thick. This will keep the skin covered with sweat and increase the chances of getting various skin diseases due to the growth of bacteria. Again, it is better not to use too thin underwear.

👉If the ribbon or any other part of the intimate wear is pressed against the body that felt pain, then understand that the underwear is the wrong size. In that case it is better not to use it. Because it does not provide comfort, on the contrary, it feels uncomfortable.

👉Wearing comfortable underwear does not ruin the body shape. As a result, physical beauty is maintained.

👉Excessive tight underwear prevents blood flow. As a result, there is a possibility of blood clotting. So in the case of wearing intimate wear, comfort is given more priority.

👉Comfortable underwear not only maintains a good physical shape but also gives peace of mind. As a result, the mind of women is blissful and there is interest in the field of work.

👉Comfortable and fitting intimate wear is used to avoid the risk of sagging breasts. Usually it prevents the growth of thoracic ligaments.

👉In spite of the fact that there are a few measures to alleviate bosom torment, for example, weight acquire decrease, ordinary exercise, diminished caffeine admission, and assortment pharmacological treatment, wearing a well-fitting bra fills in as a helpful elective treatment.

👉Pregnancy is an exciting, yet often anxious experience. During this time many women have back pain. Their pregnancies have some maternity intimate wear that is commonly used to prevent and treat lower back pain. Usually during maternity more attention is paid to comfort.

👉The wires near the bust will always be at the bottom of the under bust. If it goes up, there is a possibility of breast pain or it may cause discomfort during the workout. So one has to choose the sports bra keeping in mind the comfort.

How to Choose Best Intimate Wear for Women:
Here are the things to look for when selecting an intimate wear:

👉If any one wants to buy undergarments products, they must understand and buy new sizes. These products cannot be bought in a hurry just by relying on the will of the mind.

👉Regular wearing of bras made of synthetic fabrics can cause various skin ailments. There is additional discomfort on hot days. Cotton bras are good for regular wear. However, it is better to combine synthetic fabrics and cotton one at a time.

👉Intimate wear is usually fitted with a ribbon or hook at the back to attach it. The more hooks there are on the bra, the better. It is better to select a bra that has more than one room to get the fitting of the bra correct.

👉We should wear intimate wear that matches the color of our clothes and understands our skin tone.

👉Take a good look at the lace size of the intimate wear. Take a look at how adjustable it is.

We girls are doing everything keeping pace with fashion, trends and eras. The girls are not behind in anything outside the house. But after so many things, the girls seem to be a little behind. Some of the social taboos still seem to be holding us back. Many of us do not wear proper intimate wear or comfortable or right fit bra according to our physical constitution and age which leads to various physical problems. So we need to know the importance of wearing comfortable intimate wear. We have to be aware of this now.


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Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
College of Home Economics, Dhaka

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