Present Situation of Textile Industry and Solutions for Freshers

Present Situation of Career in Textile Industry and Solutions for Freshers

Vilas Gharat
Board Member of Trustees (Textile Association India-Mumbai)
Managing Director (Gharat and Associates)


Smart Start of Career in Textile Industry:

  • It is been always said that present situation is very bad and many issues are highlighted which make freshers very scary.
  • That is one of main reason students are not opting for Textiles.
  • But in my opinion as long as human beings are wearing cloth Textile Industry will not die. It is ever lasting industry.
  • I have been in Textile Industry for last more than 50 years and survived with such stories.
  • So do not worry, you have chosen right career path.
  • We are Clothing the Nation with colorful designs.
  • Let us plan your smart start of career.
  • Choose what you love.
  • Love what you choose.
  • Have three options that you love in your academic journey.
  • Plan your career path out of these three options.
  • Set your goal in these three options.
  • Once you get opportunity out of these options never deviate.
  • It has been observed that many of us change frequently just for sake of monitory benefits.
career in textile industry
Fig: Garment Industry

There are No Short-Cuts for Success:

  • Once you chose your career path
  • Be sincere to your profile and gather all possible knowledge / experience without any expectation.
  • Never worry for failure but work honestly.
  • Never get flatter with praise and Success.
  • Never hide or get dishearten with mistakes.
  • Believe in long term association and never change your job just for sake of pity reasons or monetary benefits.


  1. Technology is changing rapidly hence be updated.
  2. Achievement is history and success is ongoing process of achievements.
  3. Quality of work or product is granted without compromise.
  4. Continuous improvement in customer service is expected.
  5. Only satisfied customer will make your organization grow.
  6. Built strong customer relations for survival and growth.

Present Challenges of Career in Textile Industry:

  1. Pandemics –COVID-19…….
  2. Supply is more than demand hence there is price war.
  3. Raw Material prices are high and unstable.
  4. Freight is high in view of oil prices.
  5. Shortage of skill workforce.
  6. Work from home.
  7. And many more …..
  8. All these challenges are opportunities to freshers because ….
  9. Your minds are not bias with History or old practices.
  10. Hence you can accept challenges with fresh mind.

Opportunities from Challenges:
Lets us take few examples and explore possible demand of fabric and opportunities to freshers to convert present challenges to opportunities.

No Demand for regular fabric but shortage of Medical Textiles –such as………

  1. Hospitals-Bedsheets-Protective clothes for staff.
  2. Protective Fabric for Security forces and Police.
  3. Masks for common people. Even designers and matching masks are very much in demand.
  4. Protective fabric for offline common workforce and many more….

Supply is more than demand:

  1. As mentioned earlier demand is changing in view of Pandemics and hence your fresh mind can carry out market survey.
  2. Marketing students may find out imports categories of fabric and Make use of concept Make in India.
  3. Research and Development students can develop substitute for those products.
  4. Operation students can re-engineer or destine present product as per changing demands.
  5. Develop new product So that demand will be more than supply.
  6. Being a fresh mind you may do analytical survey of career you are choosing.
  7. Please keep in mind while deciding your career path that everything can be done online except manufacturing and hence there is acute shortage of shop floor workforce.
  8. Prepare your in brief CV with appropriate skills you have instead of long list.
  9. Make proper use of social media to express your skills or views.

Success of Career:

  • Success of Career path can be achieved by long association with organization, not by changing frequently.
  • Never avoid problems but face it with open and analytical mind. it will help you to avoid further problems.
  • Do not get attracted to company but get attached to your job.
  • Frequent changes may make your wallet rich but may not make you rich in experience/ excellence.

Present Situation:
Present situation is encouraging to the freshers who desire for change as per changing trends.

Present requirements in candidates are:

  1. Proactive and transparent.
  2. Ready to face failures and learn from mistakes for correction.
  3. Ready to relocate anywhere with reasonable expectations.
  4. Honest and dedicated.
  5. Hard working with self discipline.
  6. Physically and mentally fit to face all challenges.
  7. Cost effective and analytical.

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