Measurements Points for Men’s Basic T-shirt, Long Sleeve T-shirt and Trouser

Last Updated on 24/12/2020

Measurements Points for Men’s Basic T-shirt, Long Sleeve T-shirt and Trouser

Noor Ahmed Raaz
Faculty Member, Dept. of Textile Engineering,
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology


Taking accurate body measurements is the key factor for great garment fitting. Besides, correctly measuring garments is essential to achieve the high quality customers require. Auditors must be familiar with our measurement methods, measurement tools, and documentation of those measurements.

Measurements Points for Men’s Basic T-shirt:

Men’s Basic T-shirt measurements
Fig: Men’s Basic T-shirt
LetterDescriptionMeasurement (cm)
A1/2 Chest26.027.529.030.0
BSmallest waist position26.027.529.030.0
C1/2  Width of bottom27.028.530.031.0
DSleeve length10.011.512.513.5
EArm hole (Straight)11.612.313.013.5
FSleeve width on arm (Bicep)9.610.311.011.5
G1/2  Width of Sleeve opening8.59.09.510.0
HLength from SNP to hem33.
IShoulder length5.
LShoulder width22.623.825.026.0
NCuff hem width0.
OMinimum neck line extension26.
PNeck rib width0.
XWaist position23.
YFront neck drop3.
WNeck width12.212.613.013.0

N.B: Tolerances must be within +/- 0.5 cm.

Measurements Points for Long Sleeve T-shirt: 

Long sleeve T-Shirt measurement
Fig: Long sleeve T-Shirt
NumberDescriptionMeasurement (cm)
1Back length from HSP56.
3Shoulder to shoulder35.636.838.039.2
5a½ chest 2 cm under arm pit35.
6½ waist35.
6aCB to waist41.041.2541.542.38
8½ bottom35.
9Sleeve length from CB44.
11½ armhole straight at front18.
11a½ armhole raglan at front-2-11
12½ sleeve width 2 cm from arm pit16.517.2518.018.75
13½ cuff width11.812.413.013.6
14Cuff width0000
17Bottom border height0000
18Neck width HSP to HSP14.815.416.016.6
19Front neck drop17.417.718.018.3
20Back neck drop1.
22Collar height at CB0000
23Collar points0000
24Neck border height0000
27Minimum neck width stretched57575757
28Hood length inclined stand-1-0.50.5
29Hood width-1-0.50.5
31Placket length0000
32Placket width0000
36Elbow width-1.5-0.750.75
36aElbow width measured from arm pit00220

Measurement Points for Bottom/Trouser:

Trouser measurement
Fig: Trouser
LetterDescriptionMeasurement (cm)
A½ Width of waist band24.
B½ heap circumference width35.
C½ leg circumference width22.222.823.424.0
ELength of inside leg24.525.025.526.0
F½ width of bottom20.721.321.922.5
GLength of front rise21.522.022.523.0
HLength of back rise30.230.831.432.0
IHalf minimum extension for heap passage33.534.535.536.5
LHeap position11.512.012.513.0
MHeight of waist band0000
OOuter total length0000
PLength of front opening0000
QPocket width0000
RPocket length0000
SPocket opening0000

N.B: Tolerances must be within +/- 0.5 cm.

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