Jute Apron Draft Spinning Frame: Parts, Specifications & Gearing Diagram

Last Updated on 03/03/2021

Experiment name:
Study on Jute Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine.

Apron draft spinning frame machine:

Drafting of fiber takes place in the drafting zone by means of rubber apron for which it is called apron draft. The Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine is the latest contribution of Mackie’s to jute industry. Mackie is a jute machinery manufacturing company of Ireland, England. The machine is the out come of long research and development for perfecting the drafting apparatus for jute fiber. The new frame in design, efficiency and productivity has set a revolutionary standard in the modern concept of jute spinning. Mackie’s deserve appreciation for such an appropriate and ideal spinning frame that had in course of time replaced all old models.

There are several factors, mechanical and others to be taken into consideration when examining a spinning frame. The yarn is, as a result of precision drafting more regular then conventionally spun yarn. There is also an increase of about 30% more in yarn strength compared with ordinary machine spinning from same batch. The machine is applicable for jute.

This frame is advantageous for-

  1. Satisfactory control of fibers.
  2. An efficient drafting of fibers.
  3. More production due to high speed.
  4. More production due to less doffing because large size of bobbins are used.
  5. High range of flyer speed.
  6. Increase in production per spindle per hour.
  7. Reduction in spinning breaks.
  8. Reduction in doffing frequency.


  1. To know about the gearing diagram of jute spinning frame.
  2. To know about Flyer rpm, surface speed of retaining r/r and drawing r/r.
  3. To know about the bobbin building Mechanism.

Main parts of apron draft spinning frame:

  1. Retaining roller.
  2. Drawing roller.
  3. Tin cylinder.
  4. Flyer.
  5. Bobbin rail

Machine specification:

  • Motor rpm                               = 1250.
  • Motor pulley diameter             = 8.5″
  • Machine pulley diameter          = 13.5″
  • Tin cylinder diameter              = 5.8″
  • Flyer diameter                         = 1.8″
  • TCP                                            = 37T
  • DCP                                           = 49T
  • Drawing roller diameter         = 2.4″
  • Retaining roller diameter       = 1.3″

Gearing diagram of apron draft spinning frame:

Gearing diagram of apron drafting spinning frame
Fig: Gearing diagram of apron drafting spinning frame

Bobbin building mechanism:

Bobbin building mechanism
Fig: Bobbin building mechanism


A= Pivot.
B= Bowl
D=Stud screw.
E=Connecting rod.
F=Adjustable screw.
H= Building Pulley.
I= Quardant.
J=Bobbin rail
K= Dead wt.


calculation of Apron Draft Spinning Frame


  • Flyer surface speed = 2441.07″/min
  • Surface speed of retaining r/r = 83.06″/min
  • Surface speed of drawing r/r = 1905.3″/min
  • Surface speed of Tin cylinder = 55314.5″/min
  • Draft = 23
  • Draft constant = 1127.

Apron drafting sliver spinning frame is very important and necessary M/C for any jute industry. So, we should learn about this experiment very carefully and sincerely.

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