Material Passage and Gearing Diagram of Jute 2nd Draw Frame Machine

Last Updated on 25/02/2021

Experiment Name:  
Study on the Jute 2nd draw frame machine.


  1. To know about general specification of the machine (M/C).
  2. To know the gearing diagram of the M/C.
  3. To know about its production, draft, faller drops/min etc.
  4. More straightening and parallelization of remaining irregularity fiber of first draw frame along the fiber axis by drafting.
  5. To have proper mixing and blending of fiber.

General Specification:  

  • No. of sliver feed/head = 6
  • No. of head = 3
  • No. of delivery/head = 2
  • Faller pitch =  1/2
  • Doubling ratio = 3: 1 (6:2)
  • Draft range = 5-7.


  • Motor RPM = 1450
  • Motor pulley = 5″
  • Machine pulley = 20″
  • SCP (speed change pinion) = 38T
  • Drawing roller wheel = 80T
  • Diameter of drawing roller = 2.25″
  • Drawing roller pinion = 36T
  • Intermediate wheel (drawing to delivery) = 96T
  • Delivery roller wheel = 55T
  • Delivery roller diameter = 3.5″
  • DCP (draft change pinion) = 60T
  • Front retaining roller driving wheel = 60T
  • Retaining roller dia = 2″

Material Passage Diagram of Jute 2nd Draw Frame:

Passage diagram of jute 2nd Draw frame
Fig: Passage diagram of jute 2nd Draw frame


  1. Back retaining roller;
  2. Front retaining roller;
  3. Jockey/Slip roller;
  4. Role;
  5. Fluted feed roller;
  6. Fluted feed roller;
  7. Slide;
  8. Faller bar;
  9. Drawing roller;
  10. Drawing pressing roller;
  11. Guide roller;
  12. Doubling Plate;
  13. Delivery roller;
  14. Crimping Box;
  15. Can

Gearing Diagram of Jute 2nd Draw Frame:

gearing diagram of jute 2nd draw frame
Fig: Gearing diagram of jute 2nd draw frame


calculation of Jute 2nd draw frame


  • Surface speed of drawing r/r = 1338.83 inch/min
  • Surface speed of delivery r/r = 1363.17inch/min
  • Surface speed of front retaining r/r = 203.0005 inch/min
  • Draft of the M/C = 6.10
  • Draft constant = 0.10
  • Faller drops/min = 915 drops/min
  • Faller surface speed = 457.5 inch/min.
  • Faller lead% = 125.36 %

** Production of the M/C in lbs/hr at 80% efficiency = 654.32lbs.

Jute draw frame is very necessary for producing jute drawn sliver. So, we should learn about this experiment very carefully and sincerely. In our lab this machine is a fully running machine we run this machine with the help of our lab assistant who was very helpful to give us direction to complete the Practical Successfully. By this Experiment we learn a lot about this Draw frame and get Practical Experience about Operation of this and in front of my view this Practical Experience will help us in our Future job Life.

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