Greige Fabric Inspection | Greige Fabric Defects, Causes and Their Remedies

Last Updated on 22/06/2021

Greige Fabric Defects:

A grey or greige fabric refers to an unfinished material that comes out from a loom or knitting machine and that has neither been fully bleached nor dyed. It is also called raw fabric. Greige fabric faults are the defects or faults that occur during weaving or knitting process. These defects vary from minor to major. The minor defects may be barely visible whereas the major are clearly noticeable.

Hole in knitted fabric
Fig: Hole in knitted fabric

Fabric is the main raw material for the garment making. If faulty fabric is being used in garment making, at end garment manufacturer get a faulty or defective garment, not a quality garment. Fabric inspection is considered one of the important processes in garment production. Often inspectors are given the responsibility of inspecting finished garments without adequate training in fabric defects and their causes.

Greige Fabric Inspection or Audit:
By checking the greige fabric and giving feed back to the weaving section, number of defects can be found. Ensuring accuracy and reliability in the inspection results is very important.

Greige Fabric Inspection Procedure:

(i) Select the fabric roll or the report randomly checked by inspectors in greige section.

(ii) Take out respective fabric report and fabric roll and check all selected rolls.

(iii) Cross check for greige width, length of roll, EPI, PPI.

(iv) Cross check it with inspection report.

(v) Look for any defects missed by the inspector and check for inspectors recording accuracy.

(vi) In case if significant difference is found, call the concerned inspector along with the supervisor/officer/manager of grey inspection and re-examine the fabric to show them what had been missed out.

(vii) Watch the inspector and analyze whether his skills are OK or need to be improved.

(viii) Tabulate the audit result inspector wise.

Grey or Greige Fabric Faults/Defects, Causes and Their Remedy:
Following faults are found in the greige fabric:

Problem for holeBroken needle headChange the needle
Problem for missing yarnMissing of one end of double yarnCareful observation and instant machine stop when fault found
Problem for needle lineBent needle latchReplace the needle
Problem for thick thin yarnYarn faultReplace the yarn cone to a more uniform yarn cone
Problem for slubsYarn faultReplace the yarn cone to a more uniform yarn cone
Problem for drop needleNeedle failed to receive the yarn while knitting, needle missingReset the needle
Problem for Barrie mark / pattaIrregular tension of take down rollerAdjust the take down tension or synchronize the take down speed with knitting.
Problem for pin holeDue to missing stitches or loopsConcentrate on needle and latch
Problem for oil lineImproper lubricationProper lubrication
Problem for fly contactFly coming from the adjacent machineSeparate one machine from other
Problem for oil stainDirty machine and improper handling of fabricProper lubrication and clean machine

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