Fabric Faults Produced During Weaving, Knitting and Nonwoven Production

Last Updated on 30/06/2021

List of Defects in Weaving, Knitting and Nonwoven Fabric Production

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What is Defects?
The defects are the undesired effects of a product from the point of view of the customer. If a customer likes a feature in a product, it is termed as a salient feature or effect and if a customer dislikes it, it becomes a defect. Hence, while identifying a defect we need to see it from the perspective of a customer. In this article I will give list of defects produce during fabric production in weaving, knitting and nonwoven process.

Fabric Faults / Defects in Weaving:

  1. Warp way defect.
  2. Weft way defect.
  3. Fabric faults common to both warp and weft.

1. Warp way defect of fabric:

  • Warp stitching.
  • Broken warp end.
  • Broken pick.
  • Long float.
  • Wrong warp.
  • Missing warp.
  • Double warp
  • Reed mark.
  • Knot in the warp.
  • Tight warp.
  • Slack warp.
  • Warp steak.
  • Selvedge effect;
  • Curly/wavy effect.
  • Corded selvedge.
  • Weft breaks or cuts at the selvedge.
  • Loops in the selvedge.
  • Temple marks.
Fabric fault
Fig: Fabric fault

2. Weft way defect of fabric:

  • Miss pick or broken pick.
  • Thick and thin place.
  • Broken pattern.
  • Shuttle mark.
  • Weft carls.
  • Tight picks.
  • Back lashing or lashing in.
  • Starting mark.
  • Cracks.
  • Tear drops.
  • Goat.
  • Black picks.
  • Finger mark.
  • Bow effect.
  • Knot in the weft.
  • Catch knot.

3. Fabric defects common to both warp and weft:

  • Cloudy or uneven cloth.
  • Oil or grease sport.
  • Holes in the cloth.
  • Wavy cloth.
  • Dirty cloth.
  • Rusty fabric.
  • Hairy or fussy fabric.
  • Rough surface cloth.
  • Dobby mistake.
  • Loose end.
  • Loose pick.
  • Let-off bar.

Fabric Faults / Defects in Knitting:

  • Broken ends or holes.
  • Drop stitches.
  • Ch fall out.
  • Snagging.
  • Tuck or double stitches.
  • Bunching up.
  • Vertical stripes.
  • Horizontal stripes.
  • Color fly.
  • Distorted stitches.

Fabric Faults / Defects in Nonwoven Fabric Production:

  • Weight variation.
  • Needle break.
  • Poor opening.
  • Needle punch not up to the level.
  • Weak adhesive.
  • Defective spraying.
  • Defective stitching.
  • Defective felting.
  • Defective bonding.

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