Different Types of Handbags for Women

Different Types of Handbags for Women

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A handbag is considered as a fashion accessory that women utilize to carry their personal belongings. It’s just like a stylish and functional companion that puts on a touch of flair to any outfit or attire. Handbags basically ranges in various shapes, sizes, and styles, which allows women to express their entire individuality and complement their unique and extra ordinary fashion taste. Usually, it is made of materials such as leather, fabric, or synthetic materials, handbags have so many compartments and pockets to help organize and coordinate items like wallets, keys, phones, makeup, and more. They also feature handles or straps, making them simple to carry on the shoulder, in the hand, or even crossbody.

Handbags are not just practical aspects; even they also make a fashion statement. Starting from classic designs to trendy styles, there’s a handbag available for every occasion and events. Either it’s a sleek and sophisticated clutch for a formal event, a spacious tote for daily use, or a cute and compact crossbody for a casual outing, handbags gives both functionality and style.

Even it is found that, handbags can also give a reflection of one’s personality as well as taste, preferences and liking. Some women try to opt for simple, minimum and understated designs, whereas others always try to opt for bold colors, patterns, and embellishments. The versatility of handbags gives women freedom to simply change their looks and carry their personal belongings with confidence and fashion.

Different Types of Handbags for Women:
As per the handbags are concerned different types of handbags are available for ladies. Even each style provides its own unique features and suits different occasions as well as personal preferences. Following are the different types of handbags for women.

Tote bag:
It is a kind of too spacious and versatile bag with usually sturdy handles, which is perfect for carrying all the essentials and more. It’s great choice for everyday use and can keep the laptop, books, and other items.

Tote bag
Fig: Tote bag

Shoulder bag:
This is a very classic bag that features a single or double strap that can be simply worn comfortably over the shoulder and which is easy to carry. It’s a practical and great choice for carrying your items while keeping your hands free.

Shoulder bag
Fig: Shoulder bag

Crossbody bag:
It is particularly a kind of hands-free option with a long strap that can be worn around the body. It’s great alternative for when you want to keep your things or belongings secure and easily accessible while on the move.

Crossbody bag
Fig: Crossbody bag

It is a kind of small, elegant bag that is usually held in the hand or tucked simply under the arm. It’s superb for formal events, programs and evening party out when you only need to carry a few items like the phone, keys, and lipstick.

clutch bag
Fig: Clutch bag

It is a structured bag with a top handle and wrap around a long strap. It tries to give a sophisticated and polished look, making it a good option for work or business meetings.

Satchel bag
Fig: Satchel bag

Hobo bag:
Its features includes, a slouchy, crescent-shaped bag that simply hangs from the shoulder. It’s also well known for its casual and relaxed vibe, making it a great choice for daily use.

Hobo bag
Fig: Hobo bag

Well known as a practical and comfortable alternative with simply two shoulder straps. It’s perfect for those who generally needs to carry out a lot of items or want a hands-free option when they go for travel or outdoor activities.

Fig: Backpack

It is a small, compact bag with a strap or loop that can be worn simply around the wrist. It’s superb for when you want to carry just the essentials for example your phone, cards, and keys without the bulk of a larger bag.

Fig: Wristlet bag

Bucket bag:
It is a bag with a roomy, bucket-like shape and a drawstring or closure at the top. It’s a trendy and stylish alterations that can hold a lot of essentials while adding a unique touch to your outfit.

Bucket bag
Fig: Bucket bag

Barrel Bag:
As the name itself tells that, this bag comes in the cylindrical shape of a barrel and is generally medium to small in size. Barrel bags simply have shorter shoulder straps, top zipper closure as well as a reasonable amount of room inside. The bag can be either dressy or casual as per the specific design you pick.

Barrel Bag
Fig: Barrel Bag

Envelope Bag:
It’s exactly what the name highlights, that is  a bag in the form and shape of an envelope. Envelope bags are usually very thin and long rectangular bags intended for being hand-held, and feature generally a triangular front flap like in the case of an actual envelope. These are used for dressier occasions and parties, with just enough room for a few essential items.

Envelope Bag
Fig: Envelope Bag

Duffel Bag:
It is more of a unisex carry-on than a handbag for women, although there are many silhouettes and styles meant specifically for the latter category. It is a large, cylindrical bag generally having two straps and rounded ends, preferred for carrying moderately heavy luggage, for example when you’re heading to the gym or even for a small trip. The name of this bag founded in Belgium, and stands for the material originally used to make it.

Duffel Bag
Fig: Duffel Bag

Sling bag:
It is a compact and stylish bag with a kind of long strap that can be worn diagonally around the body. It’s great for when you want to carry your essentials while adding a trendy touch to your attire.

Sling bag
Fig: Sling bag

Messenger bag:
It is a casual bag with a long strap that is worn around the body. It’s perfect choice for carrying your belongings while maintaining a kind of cool and effortless look.

Messenger bag
Fig: Messenger bag

Frame bag:
It is a structured bag with a metal or rigid frame that holds its shape. It creates a touch of elegance and vintage charm to any outfit.

Frame bag
Fig: Frame bag

So, herewith to summarize with, there are a lots of different varieties of handbags available for women to choose from. Starting from the normal bag, that is classic tote to the trendy crossbody, each type provides its own unique style, fashion and functionality. Either you’re looking for a handbag for daily use, or for a special event, or a specific purpose, there’s a perfect handbag available out there for you for everything event. So go ahead and select the one that perfectly suits your personal style as well as requirements.


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Q1. What are the different types of handbags available in market for women?
And: There are various types of handbags available in market for women, such as tote bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, backpacks, messenger bags, and hobo bags, each giving unique styles and functionalities.

Q2. What is the most versatile type of handbag for women?
Ans: As per the analysis, tote bag is the most versatile as it can be used for work, travel, as well as for daily use. It typically has a huge space inside and sturdy handles for carrying a variety of items.

Q3. Are crossbody bags comfortable to wear?
Ans: Yes, they are being designed in such a way that can be worn diagonally across the body, distributing the weight evenly and it’s highly comfortable to be wear. They provide hands-free convenience and are comfortable for extended wear also.

Q4. How do I select the right handbag size?
Ans: For selecting a correct size, you have to consider about the daily requirements and activities. If you opt for a lot of personal belongings, go for a larger bag like a tote or backpack. For minimum items, a smaller bag like a crossbody or clutch may be sufficient.

Q5. Is shoulder bag can be used for travel?
Ans: Yes, shoulder bags can be easily being used and a suitable, preferable option for travel. Look for one with secure and correct closures, having many compartments to keep your personal belongings organized and easily accessible.

Q6. Is hand bag a purse?
Ans: In the U.S, the word purse is generally being used to show all sizes of bags which is being used by women. Whereas, in other countries, a handbag is a kind of larger bag with different compartments that is carried with handles or a shoulder strap and a purse is a small bag that doesn’t has a strap and you hold in your hand.

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