Current Trends in Textile Design

The scope of textile design is very wide at present. In the past centuries, styles have changed with the change of rulers and political situation and decorations of any era have been invented following the current style at that time. For this reason, modern textile designs must be highly adaptable and acceptable, as public choices are very diverse and change rapidly. Nowadays there are also seen many types of textile designs in the fabric texture which tempt the buyer in different ways. In this blog, I will discuss I will describe different present trends in textile design.

trends in textile design
Fig: Trends in textile design

What is Textile Design?
Textile design is the process of embellishing the texture of a cloth while weaving it. The texture of the fabric can be embellished with a variety of illustrations using a variety of structural designs without the use of any colored yarn. The quality of the fabric also depends on the textile design. This particularly affects user preferences. As well as it affects the pricing of textiles. It also plays a key role in the selection process of textiles and related equipment.

What is the Trend?
Trends refer to what is popular at certain times. The term is also often used in relation to fashion, textile designs, styles etc. In the fashion industry, trend refers to fashions that are popular at a certain point in time. For example, in 2014, blue and orange became known as trendy colors, but now their use is declining. On the other hand, now matte nude colors have also become a trend. This can be influenced by various factors including political, social, economic and technological. At present, the trend is also being emphasized in the field of fabric weaving. The fabric is designed according to the conventional trend.

Current Trends in Textile Design:
The demand for beauty has been there since the beginning of the world. The more beauty there is in an industry, the greater the demand for that industry. There is also a creative field called textile design that enhances the beauty of the textile industry.

Textile design is also currently challenging as well as profitable. It can easily attract the buyer if it is adorned on the fabric according to the conventional trend. The process of textile designing begins on paper as a simple concept, continues its journey and completes its cycle on a printed fabric. Currently notable among the textile design trends include stripes, floral, geometric, checks etc.

These are discussed below:

Geometric textile design:
Geometric designs on textiles can be noticed as textile designs. It includes a variety of features, both inorganic and abstract. Geometric design is now a trend that combines simple shapes, lines and curved lines to create creative figure on fabric. Such textile designs are made by different types of looms. But now it can be developed mainly using mechanized or computerized jacquard loom. At present such designs are much more popular.

Floral textile design:
Flowers are loved by everyone in the world. As beautiful as any design made by flower looks, its demand is also high. And when this floral design is picked up on the ground of cloth, its demand also increases. Floral designs have long been popular with people of all ages and are still at the peak of their popularity. Again, if one type of floral design is used on the texture of the cloth and another type or opposite design is used in the figure, the design will clearly emerge on the texture.

Check textile design:
Check fabrics have become very popular nowadays. It basically forms a pattern of quadrilaterals or Rectangular consisting of different colors of die thread. Check design garments are traditionally woven by cottage industry workers in Bangladesh. The weaving of this cloth is very simple. Light color is applied to the drawn yarn. There are a total of 72 yarns per inch during weaving. In this way, two types of yarns (warp and weft) are in harmony with this textile design. Check cloth is woven in different designs considering the needs, tastes etc. of the people. This design is on top of the current trend.

Just as everything in the modern world is changing over time, modern textile tools have made textile design more efficient, simple and sustainable. In this case digital textiles have added a unique dimension to textile design. As a result, it is now possible to make textile designs more aesthetically perfect than ever before. For example, the advent of computer-aided design software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, has given every sector of textile design a chance to develop and innovate.

Textile design is currently playing an important role not only in making the garments industry successful but also the fabrics attractive. They must be different and published new features all the time. The design of a fabric is artistically planned and carefully crafted but must be accurate from a fashion standpoint. At present a separate customer base has been created based on textile design and individual popularity is being given priority in this regard.


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Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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