Features and Parts of Crochet Warp Knitting Machine

Last Updated on 19/03/2021

Experiment name:
Study on Crochet warp knitting machine.

Typical features of crochet warp knitting machine:
On crochet machines, the warp chains are separate from the weft inlay and it is the latter threads which join the chaining wales to each other. The crochet galleon machine, as developed by Sander and Graff and popularized by kholer, is essentially a highly versatile Raschel with the following unique features:

Crochet warp knitting machine
Fig: Crochet warp knitting machine

a) A single horizontal needle bar whose simple reciprocating action can be used to operate individually tricked latch, carbine or embroidery needles.

b) There are no sinkers, instead a fixed hold-back bar is fitted in front of the knock-over verge to prevent the fabric moving out with the needles.

c) The closed lap pillar stitches and inlay threads are controlled and supplied as separate warp and weft respectively. Each needle is lapped from below by its own warp guide which is clipped to a bar whose automatic one-needle overlap and return underlap shog is fixed and is controlled from an eccentric cam whilst its upwards and downwards swing is derived from a rocker shaft.

d) The warp yarn is often placed low at the front of the machine. The weft yarn, which is often placed above and towards the back of the machine, supplies the carrier tubes clipped to the spring-loaded inlay bars fitted above the needle bar and shagged at the rate of one link per course from pattern chains around a drum at one end of the machine. There are usually up to two warp guide bars and up to sixteen weft inlay bars, which may be mechanically or electronically controlled.

e) Special attachments are available for producing fancy effects such as cut and uncut fringe edges, pile, braiding (equivalent to fall-plate) and snail shell designs.

f) Very approximately, the knitting widths of crochet machines may vary between 16 and 122 inches (400 mm and 3100 mm), in gauges often expressed in needles per centimeter between 2 and 10 (E 5 to E 24) and machines run at speeds between 200 and 350 courses per minute.


  1. To get clear concept about the driving mechanism of crotchet warp knitting machine.
  2. To know the functions of different parts of the machine.
  3. To know about the different motions of the machine.
  4. To know different parts of the machine.
  5. To improve our technical knowledge.

Specification of the machine:

  • Company: DAH HEER Industrial Co. LTD.
  • Brand: DAHU.
  • Origin: Taiwan.
  • Model No: L
  • Size: 15 G

Main parts of crochet machine:

  1. Motor
  2. Main shaft
  3. Size lever
  4. Shogging motion lever
  5. Weft yarn guide bar
  6. Warp yarn guide bar
  7. Needle bar
  8. Needle
  9. Pressure roller
  10. Take up roller
  11. Ratchet wheel

Machine description:
The machine is driven by an electric motor. Motion is transferred to the machine parts by gear and toothed belt. Here weft yarn guide bar gives to and fro motion and shogging motion. Shogging motion lever give motion to the weft yarn guide bar. Shogging motion is driven from motor by main shaft. Needle bar and warp yarn guide bar also give to and fro and shogging motion by the same mechanism. Take up roller has ratchet wheel, by which take up roller gets motion from the motor by pushing pawl and some mechanism.

Crocheting machine
Fig: Crocheting machine

First of all I would like to offer my heartily thanks to our supervising tutor and the lab assistants for their consistent help to complete the study properly. Crochet warp knitting machine is one of the most important knitting machines to produce knitted fabric. By this experiment we learned about the features, parts, specification of crochet warp knitting machine. This experience will help us to build our future life.

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  1. This DAHU computerized crochet machine is cooperating with advance servo positioning motor from the main motor to programs and yarn feeding motors. With effect system that w could work with remote system to help end user more easier in operation.
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