Tricot Warp Knitting Machine: Parts & Working Principle

Last Updated on 13/03/2021

Experiment name:
Study on Tricot warp knitting machine (M/C).

Warp knitting machine is one kind of flat bed machine. This machine produces the knitted loops in wales direction. There are two major classes of warp knitting machine. They are the ‘Tricot’ & the ‘Raschel’ warp knitting machine. The ‘Tricot’ warp knitting machine is also termed as automatic warp knitting of its function.

Tricot warp knitting machine
Fig: Tricot warp knitting machine


  1. To know about the yarn to fabric path diagram of Tricot warp knitting machine.
  2. To know about the name of the different parts of the machine.
  3. To know about the functions of these parts.
  4. To know operational process of tricot warp knitting machine.

Main parts of the machine:

  1. Compound needle.
  2. Pattern chain
  3. Needle bar
  4. Pattern drum
  5. Guide bar
  6. Main shaft
  7. Sinker & sinker bar
  8. Intermediate shaft
  9. Sliding latch
  10. Let-off mechanism
  11. Sliding latch bar
  12. Take-up mechanism
  13. Comb
  14. Machine A/C
  15. Cloth roller
  16. Toothed belt/Timing belt
  17. Link
  18. Warp beam
  19. Rocker shaft
  20. Bottom Beam

MACHINE specification:

  1. Brand: LIBA
  2. Origin: W. Germany
  3. Manufacturing Company: MASCHINEN FABRIK, NAILA.
  4. Manufacturing Year: 1991
  5. Width: 84 inch/ 213 cm
  6. Type: COP 2K
  7. Gauge: 28

MACHINE Description:
Compound needle is used in the machine. With the help of the pattern drum and the chain link the patterning is done. The gears are merged in oil bath for smooth operation. There are two back beam for yarn supply. The yarns come through guide bar and through the needle the cloth is take down by cloth roller.

Yarn to fabric path diagram of Tricot warp knitting machine:

yarn to fabric path diagram of Tricot warp knitting machine
Fig: Yarn to fabric path diagram of Tricot warp knitting machine

Working Principle (function of different parts):

1. Compound needle: In Tricot warp knitting machine compound needle is used. To form loop and produce the fabric is the main function of the needle.

2. Needle bar: A needle bar is used in this machine. The main function of it is to hold the needles together and helps the needles to move unison while loop forming.

3. Guide bar: Guide bar is used in this machine to guide the yarn properly to the needle. It feeds the yarn around the needle and controls the rate of warp feed from the warp beam by making lapping movement.

4. Sinker and Sinker bar: In the tricot warp knitting machine tricot sinker is used to hold down the loops produced by the needles. The sinker bar keeps the sinkers together to move unison while knitting. The main function of the sinker is to hold down, knock over and supporting the fabric loops.

5. Sliding latch: In warp knitting machine compound needles are used. A sliding latch is used here to close the hook while knitting.

6. Sliding latch bar: In warp knitting machine the sliding latches remain unison. The latch bar keeps the latches together and helps it to move unison while knitting.

7. Cloth roller: The produced fabric is wound on the cloth roller.

8. Let-off mechanism: The process of releasing the warp yarns according to the requirement of the machine and speed of cloth roller is the main function of let-off mechanism.

9. Take up mechanism: It helps the produced fabric to wound on the cloth roller in proper tension. There are 3 take-up r/r in this machine. It also gives proper tension to the warp sheet and controls the speed of warp beam.

10. Link: In the warp knitting machine the link is used to make design in the knitted fabric. The different links used here has different thickness and thus it helps to produce design.

11. Pattern chain: The pattern chain is the chain of links joined with each other. The pattern chain helps the machine to produce design.

12. Pattern drum: It is a drum, which gives motion to the pattern chain. There are groove on it and the pattern chain is placed on it. It gets motion from the machine driving motor through gearing.

13. Comb: In this warp knitting machine the comb is used to separate the warp yarns coming from the warp beam. It works as the reeds of the weaving machine and also controls the fabric width.

14. Warp beam: In this warp knitting machine warp beam is used to supply the warp yarns parallely. There are 8-warp beam in this machine. 4 beam are on the upper side and 4 are to the downside. These beams are not so big as the weavers beam.

15. Machine A/C: The machine a/c is one kind of cooling device, which keeps the machine parts and the motor from over heating and damage while running continuously.

16. Main shaft: The main shaft of this machine gives the machine motion from the motor.

17. Lubrication: The machine has automatic lubrication system.

18. Controlling unit: The controlling unit is used to control the machine easily. It has a digital control unit.

19. Toothed belt: In this machine the toothed belts are used to transfer motion without any slippage.

By this experiment I learned about the Tricot warp knitting machine and their several parts. I also learned the function of the different parts used here. This is a modern machine and so this experience will help me in my future practical life.

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