Career Opportunity in Garments CAD in Bangladesh

Career Opportunity in Garments CAD

Tanima Rahman
Dept. of Textile Engineering
Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTex)


Since 1990, garments industry has been being considered as the chief source of income in the economic sector of Bangladesh. Although we have already passed the long journey of 23 years in garments sector, the use of technology is not worth-mentioning in this sector. According to engineers, the competency of Bangladesh textile sector is only 45-50% whereas the acknowledged competency of a general garment should be 65%. To overcome this lack, all what the textile sector needs are- helpful mentality of the garment owners, necessary training of the workers, as well as the usage of technology and advanced machineries like- Computer Aided Design (CAD), automatic marker making, automatic pattern cutter, automatic spreader, automatic fabric cutting machine and Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) software.

garments cad section
Fig: Garments cad section

According to BGMEA, there are 5400 garments here in Bangladesh. APPTEX sourcing gives the information that among the 5400 garments only 400 possess the above mentioned technologies. Rest 5000 garments lag behind in modern textile technology.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of a design. CAD software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, and improves communication through documentation and to create a database for manufacturing. It is such a technology that can reduce 5-25% wastage of finished fabric which is wholly considered as profit. CAD room not only reduces fabric wastage but also increases efficiency by reducing manpower. For example, if 6 people work manually in pattern and marker making, the whole work can be done by 2 people only using CAD software.

Modern thoughtful garments owners are not getting maximum output despite installing CAD room. This happens because of inexpert manpower, non-professional mentality and lack of proper knowledge to run CAD software. CAD room is a very sensitive section where extensively expert manager is required who can fully apply the CAD technology by his talent and skill and help the industry completely. There are many such industries which have bought CAD technology but have not been able to use it. So, freshers who are about to decide their engineering career, can have a look on CAD technology. There are some corporations and institutions which are providing CAD training.

It is quite difficult to train garments CAD properly. That is why it is unthinkable to train learners who does not have knowledge of pattern at all. Only Diploma and B.Sc. textile engineers who are studying on garments can highly develop their efficiency participating in CAD training. They can achieve the ability of administrating a CAD room. And if the students who have already worked in the sample section or manual pattern design of any garments and also have enough computer knowledge, can undoubtedly achieve success in CAD section. It must be mentioned here that garments CAD section is such an important place where the participation of textile engineers is earnestly desired. According to the present garments business studies, within the upcoming year 2022 CAD section will need more than 10,000 CAD manager whose salary structure will be 60 thousands upto lakhs in Bangladeshi Tk. So it can be said that there are great career opportunity in garments CAD in Bangladesh.

Due to the shortage of required efficiency, our country is still falling back to China. Bangladesh will be able to successfully reign over the worldwide textile industries if political unrest, workers dissatisfaction, corruption can be uprooted.

An efficient CAD room can greatly contribute to the textile sector by developing the quality of products and using fabric with minimum wastage. By designing new apparels, our textile mills can get more profitable order from the buyers. The overall management system of a garment industry can be easier and more arranged if CAD and other developed software are used in the management of confirmation process of various raw materials and samples in different stages.

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