ERP Software for Textile and Apparel Industry

Last Updated on 22/12/2020

What is ERP Software?
ERP i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning is a revolutionary concept in the modern textile and readymade garments industry. The using of ERP software is increasing day by day due to its higher rated output. Today’s most of the factories are used this kinds of software.

erp software for textile

Application of ERP Software:
ERP software has considerably used in the following parts of textile and garments:

  1. ERP software for home textiles,
  2. ERP software for spinning factories,
  3. ERP software for weaving factories,
  4. ERP software for textile processing factories.

Advantage of ERP Software:
There are various types of advantages of ERP software in the modern textile and RMG industry.

  1. Helps to easily monitoring the industry.
  2. Helps to make required report within a very short period of time.
  3. Saving too much time than manual process.
  4. Easily accessible from any part of the world.
  5. Also reduces the possibility of data manipulation.

***Buy ERP Software***

ERP Software for Textile & Apparel Industry:

Actually we offer all management software and specially for textile and apparel industry. Our software are well arranged and user friendly. You can collect ERP software for the following area.

1. Textile ERP (Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing & Printing): Trade finance, Supply chain, Inventory & Warehousing, Sales, Marketing, Laboratory, Production & Production Schedule Management, QC & Packaging, Distribution, Accounts, DSS, MIS.

2. Buying House & Garment ERP: Order Management, Sourcing & Supply, Commercial Mgt., Production, QC Management, Accounting, HCM, Courier Management, MIS & DSS, Dashboard.

3. HRM & Payroll: Sift wise Attendance Management, Leave Management, Holiday Management, Salary Scheme, Payroll, Disciplinary Action, Promotion, Transfer, Recruitment, and Employee Role Management.

Note: If you are actual customer of ERP software then obviously call or email us. Our team will go in your office or factory. You give us 30 min. We will present of our software with projector. We are 90% sure you will be impressed of it.

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