Beat-up Mechanism in Weaving Motion

Last Updated on 30/03/2021

Experiment name:
Study on beat-up mechanism in weaving motion.


  1. To know about the construction of the beat up mechanism.
  2. To know about the drive of the beating-up mechanism.

The beating or beat-up is the third primary motion of weaving. It is also the last operation of the loom in weaving in which the last pick inserted in the fabric is ‘beat’ into position against the preceding picks. It consists in driving the last pick of weft to the fell of the cloth. This is accomplished with the help of a reed fixed in the sley. The sley is given a sudden and quick movement towards the fell of the cloth by the cranks in the crankshaft. The sleywood runs from one shuttle box to another, and when at its backward movement, the shuttle travels over its race.

beating-up in loom
Fig: Beating-up

There are different types of beat-up mechanism in weaving, depending on several factors. But mainly, two types of beating is considered in general based on the operating element. One is crank and crank-arm beat-up (used in shuttle loom), and another is cam best up (mostly used in the shuttleless loom). However, the related parts of the beating process remain constant irrespective of whether the main motion comes from crank or cam. The basic difference in between this is the source of motion of the sley, whereas this sley motion ultimately controls the overall parameters of beat-up.

Main parts:

  1. Crankshaft
  2. Reed
  3. Crank
  4. Sley race
  5. Crank arm
  6. Sley
  7. Reed cap
  8. Sley sword
beat-up mechanism in weaving
Fig: Beat-up mechanism in weaving

The crankshaft gets drive from motor via motor pulley and machine pulley. The crankshaft has two cranks. These cranks transform the rotary motion into swinging motion. The reed cap is connected by crank arm to crank of the crankshaft. Again the reed is connected between reed cap and sley. There is sley sword under the sley that is bolted to the rocking shaft. There is also shuttle box on the sley. Now the crank gives the swinging motion to the sley by crank arm. When the sley is moving towards the heald shaft at certain position the shuttle passes through warp shed. Again when the sley is coming towards the front rest at last position the reed pushes the last pick to the previous pick of cloth. This is the beating-up motion and the cloth increases in lengthwise in this way.

To make a woven fabric interlacement of warp and weft yarns is the main condition. That’s why beat-up mechanism is a very essential motion for weaving. Proper setting and adjustment should be taken for this motion. This practical helps me to know about beating-up motion. I think this will help me in my future career.

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