Working Aids in Sewing Machine and Garment Production

Last Updated on 16/04/2021

Experiment name:
Practical Study of Working Aids in Sewing Machine and Garment Production.

Working aids in sewing machine such as guides or attachment could be used to aid the operator in handling parts during sewing, positioning, cutting and finishing in garment production. In the domestic production of garments 80% of the time is wasted for the handling of fabric. Other 20% used for sewing. To reduce this wastage in industrial production of garments work aids required. These work aids are not only used to reduce the handling time but also used to improve the quality of the garments and labor of the operator.


  1. To get familiar with the work aids
  2. To know the different functions of the work aids
  3. To know the use of working aids in different sewing and garments manufacturing sequences

Working Aids in Sewing Machine

  1. Specialized pressure foot
  2. Compensating foot
  3. Forceps
  4. Cutting knife
  5. Pliers
  6. Hammers
  7. Scissors
  8. Star screw driver.

Above tools are described briefly with pictures:

Specialized pressure foot:
These types of pressure feet used for the insertion of piping and elastic through the garments. These are also helpful in stitching narrow border of the piping.

specialized presser foot
Fig: Specialized presser foot

Compensating foot:
These types of pressure feet have two section and these are spring connected. These are use for sewing plies of different thickness. These can also used for sewing very narrow border. Compensating pressure foot is used in patch pocket, collar closing seam etc.

Compensating foot
Fig: Compensating foot

This working aid is used to hold very fine material such as thread. This also used to unravel the faulty stitches, to connect the fine machine parts etc.

Fig: Forceps

Cutting knife:
Cutting knife is use to cut the thread after sewing if there automatic stitch breaking element is not present in the sewing machine.

Cutting knife
Fig: Cutting knife or thread cutter

This work element is used to machine maintenance and settings.

Fig: Pliers

This work element is also used to machine maintenance and settings.

Fig: Hammer

Scissors are greatly used in the garments industries. This element is mainly used for cutting thread, small garment parts, pattern board, fusing etc.

Fig: Scissors

Star screw driver:
This work element is used to machine maintenance and settings.

Star screw driver
Fig: Star screw driver

In this experiment we discuss the different use of different working aids in sewing machine. This study about these work aids will make us able to maintain quality and reduce the wastage of time due to handling of garments.

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