A Visit to the Textile Fair ‘Textech Bangladesh Expo’

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A Visit to the Textile Fair ‘Textech Bangladesh Expo 2016’

Mohammad Nurul Alam
Senior Merchandiser | Asmara BD Pvt. Ltd. | Dhaka | Bangladesh
E-mail: alamnur09@yahoo.com / alam@bd.asmaragroup.com


After Gulshan tragedy it was very difficult for us to move on any foreigner to Bangladesh visit. Many buyers cancel their schedule because of this tragic incident. Sometimes seeming they never back to us & we may loss huge business. However finally we could really improve the situation & got back confidence in the mind of the people who want to visit Bangladesh. The textile fair ‘Textech Bangladesh Expo 2016’ is one of the big proves that people are coming Bangladesh from different country. Actually international trade fair is really important to exchange business view & experience. We need frequent arrangement of the international fair so that our garments industries can reach to its 50 billion business goal. The textile fair held in The Int’l Convention City Bashundhara Dhaka – Bangladesh, August 31 to September 03 2016. It was my visit to the fair & got good experience & pleasure also.

Textech Bangladesh Expo 2019
Fig: Textech Bangladesh Expo 2016

Good source of learning for the student:
1st of all this fair is a practical work field for the new comers those want to start career in the garment industry. New invention, technology & new product give the beginner a good hand to hand experience in the profession. The manufacturers are representing their product & anyone can ask question if needed. I was discussing many of the students those came here & they told – trying to understand the materials for the theoretical subject. Many of them told me they can understand the learning that got from book in the letter form & now they can see it in their eye & learn by feelings. One of the students told he never saw Bamboo fiber or fabric because it is not available in Bangladesh. He tried to understand how a Bamboo fiber or fabric looks. Because bamboo can hurt people & so how it can be good fabric! When he saw the real fabric then surprised because of its soft hand feel & good fabric quality. It was awesome! He told me.

China has big interest in Bangladesh:
In the fair very interestingly found stalls from china. May be 50% of the foreign trader came from china. They are for fabric trading, accessories, machineries & chemicals. We always say Bangladesh is now grabbing business from china in the garments industries. Is it true??? Never. Because most of the raw materials for our garments industries comes from outside & mostly from China. Actually China never lost anything. If they are not making garments then they are supplying raw materials for us. So what is the reason for them to be upset that Bangladesh is grabbing business? Yes this true. They see new opportunity in Bangladesh. That is way China suppliers are really very interested to start business in Bangladesh.

A good source for good materials:
This trade fair is an opportunity to the garments maker. They can see various options & suitable prices for their products. Especially fabric purchasing is the biggest sources for the garments manufacturer. I was talking with a Merchandiser who was working in a reputed buying house. He pleasantly informed me how he got a good fabric supplier in low cost. He was looking for fabric for Knit Denim & got a good supplier who can give good price also. Yes that is the opportunity opens here in the international trade fair.

Sharing experience:
International trader fair for garments industries off course opens new door of opportunity to share experience & knowledge. Particularly our local manufacturer who makes fabric & accessories they can upgrade product quality. In the fair people can see the quality that made of Bangladesh & those are from outside. This is defiantly makes our local trader to feel that they need to upgrade quality otherwise business may not be run for long time. Because now people are trying to compare both local & outside quality.

New machinery will reduce production cost & time:
The fair represents new machinery that gives new opportunity to start business for the Garments owner. As we understand many of the Garments manufacturer was suffering from inefficiency in production & high cost problem the new machinery can give them to improve their productivity. New machinery for knitting, dyeing, sewing & printing definitely gives a good hope in the industry.

Revival of Bangladesh image:
The big tragedy at Gulshan was part of the loos of image for Bangladesh that requires to regain. As the trade fair has a participation of international trader then now Bangladesh is step by step going to regain image in the international market. Our tourism also will get new hope that they can starts everything newly.

In conclusion we can say ‘Textech Bangladesh Expo 2016’ is a new ray of hope for the garments industry. In the future the fair will bring new opportunity to grow more in the garments industry.

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