Sample Development Process in Garment Industry

Last Updated on 12/02/2021

Sample Development Process in Garment Industry

Noor Ahmed Raaz
Faculty Member, Dept. of Textile Engineering,
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology


Garment Sample:
Garment samples are inevitably important and are developed tested before starting the bulk production. It means making a sample of the garment or fabric which requires to be sold. Sampling / Sample development is one of the main processes in garment industry and it has a vital role in attracting buyers. Because the buyers generally places the order after they are satisfied with the quality of the samples. The collection of designs developed by the fashion designers and the designs that have excellent prospects should be selected and taken for sample development process.

The sampling department coordinates with the merchandising and production department. It is carried out to foresee finished product appearance and fit when produced in bulk and to confirm whether there are any inconsistencies in the pattern according to the buyer’s specification. It also aids to determine the fabric consumption along with that of thread and other accessories used.

Sample development in garment industry
Fig: Sample development in garment industry

The garment which is need for bulk production is called sample garments. According to specification sheet the sample which is approved by Buyer is called approved sample & the sample which is followed by approved sample is called counter sample. For smooth production it is necessary. Here two type of sample developing process are showing below.

Sample Development Procedure in Garment Industry:

1st sample:
The processes of 1stsample are given in bellow:

  1. Receive spec sheet of garments from buyer.
  2. Make pattern as per measurement.
  3. Check the pattern which has made.
  4. If necessary Check shrinkage, twisting, bowing before pattern making, cutting fabric as per pattern.
  5. Collect accessories.
  6. Start sewing.
  7. M/C specified.
  8. Check the sample to ensure it, ok.
  9. Actual size required.
  10. Actual fabric construction.
  11. Send it to buyer for approval.

Development sample:
After approving of 1stsample, the work of development sample is start. The process of development sample is given in bellow.

  1. Make pattern as per measurement, if buyer change the measurement to observe the counter sample.
  2. Actual size required
  3. Check the pattern which has made.
  4. Collect actual color fabric. G.S.M should be ok.
  5. Cutting fabric as per pattern.
  6. Collect actual accessories.
  7. Start sewing.
  8. M/C specified.
  9. Check the sample to ensure it, ok
  10. Send it to buyer for approval

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