Mechanics of Fibrous Structure of Boxing Gloves

Last Updated on 18/02/2021

Mechanics of Fibrous Structure of Boxing Gloves

Sikander Anwer
Department in Textile Engineering
University of Management & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan


Boxing gloves are one type of are big padded gloves that fighters wear on their hands during boxing matches and practices. Boxing gloves are mandatory in professional and amateur boxing. I am supposed to design structure of a boxing gloves, which are perfectly used by boxers for their purpose. A boxing gloves is a protective layer between punch and face, which stimulates the impact of a punch in it for damaging the face badly.

structure of boxing gloves
Fig: Structure of boxing gloves

The boxing gloves which I used to make has following properties:

  1. Compress-able
  2. Comfortable
  3. Fit-able
  4. Anti-perspiration
  5. Anti-bacterial
  6. Bearable
  7. Good grip
Boxing gloves
Fig: Boxing gloves

The composition of boxing gloves has several steps in which different stacking are used;

The first layer is the inner most layer which has to be in-contact with the skin. This layer should be absorbent, anti-bacterial, and tensionless. The layer would be of bamboo fiber which has an essential characteristic of environmental friendly.

The second layer should be bearable and water-repellent. It should be of cow hide leather which absorbs the stress and minimized the reaction of the impact.

The third layer should be more compactable, structural, water-repellent and compress-able. The layer should be of synthetic leather that cannot be damaged early and has to tolerate all the forces which boxer applies on it.

The last touch is of aesthetic performance it has good finishes, stretchable, long life, light weight and maintain the structure.

The limitations of the fabric are:

Max stress = 4.8263Mpa

Max speed = 16m/s

Weight = 110Kg

Momentum = 1760N/s

Compressive Strength = 48.26N

Young’s Modulus = 241.3

a) Momentum = mass x velocity
= 110 x 16
= 1760N/s

b) Strain = (lo – l) / lo
= (0.16 – 0.2) / 0.2
= -0.2 (negative signs shows the Compression effect in Gloves)

c) Young’s Modulus = Stress/Strain
= 48.26/0.2
= 241.3

stress strain curve
Fig: Stress strain curve

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