Phenolic Yellowing on Textiles: Causes and Remedies

Last Updated on 18/02/2021

Phenolic Yellowing on Textiles

Manoj Kumar
B.Tech in textile Chemistry
SSM College of Engineering
Salem, Tamilnadu, India


Phenolic Yellowing in General:

  1. Phenolic Yellowing is the discolouration of textiles caused by the action of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) on yellowable phenols. Sometimes it is also referred to as Elusive Yellowing.
  2. The yellowing on textile is the main problem facing by the textile industries from long back.
  3. There are numerous factors are responsible for yellowing on textiles such as chemicals used on textiles during wet processing, fibers, atmospheric pollutants etc.
  4. The most common yellowing on textile is phenolic yellowing also known as storage yellowing, ware house yellowing.
  5. The yellow stain occurs mainly on crease, folds can appear on white or light coloured fabric stored in certain plastic bags for sale.
Phenolic Yellowing on Textiles
Fig: Phenolic Yellowing on Textiles

Why Phenolic Yellowing Happening on Textiles?

1. The phenolic antioxidants present in the packing material along with exposure to oxides of nitrogen and alkali pH of the fabric or garment are responsible for yellowing.

2. The antioxidents includes para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and Butylated hydroxytoulene(BHT). The oxides of nitrogen is the by product of combustion of petrol diesel etc…

How the Phenolic Yellowing will occur on Textile Goods:

1. The phenolic anti-oxidants present on the packing materials like plastic covers will migrate on textiles.

2. When the textiles get exposure with oxides of nitrogen present in the atmosphere along with the core alkali present on the textiles after textile wet processing will causes Phenolic yellowing.

How to Protect Textiles from Phenolic Yellowing:

  1. Use BHT free Plastic bags for cover the Textiles
  2. Neutralize the textiles after alkali wet processing treatment using Acetic acid or core alkali Neutralizer.
  3. Keep the textile away from Oxides of nitrogen gases.
  4. Finish the textile goods using Anti-Phenolic yellowing textile finishing agents.

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