Essential Equipments for Garment Pressing

Last Updated on 30/12/2020

Essential Equipments for Garment Pressing

Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Garment Pressing:
Pressing is a finishing process done by a cloth to heat and pressure with or without steam to remove creases and to impart a flat appearance to the cloth or garments. It is also known as ironing. The pressing process influences the final garment appearance and hence the garment appeal. Finishing and pressing equipments contour the semifinished garment panels as well as finished garments by bringing down the fibres in the fabric to an elastic state and then deforming and setting them. There are various machines are used in garment industries. Among them Stem iron and Stem pressing machine remarkable.

Pressing in garment factory
Fig: Pressing in garment factory

Necessary Equipments for Garment Pressing:
In garments industries the following pressing machines are used:

Steam Iron
In house hold operations, normal electric irons are extensively used. But today steam irons are used for industrial purposes. In stem irons, the iron is heated up by steam which is supplied from a central boiler or a mini boiler. The supply of steam is regulated by a hand regulated button. This steam is supplied to iron from the boiler through a pipe and is let to come out through perforations under the iron. These irons are triangular in shape and their weight varies from 1 to 15 kg. For pressing this iron, ironing bed or table is required. With the bed there should be a provision of air suction system. After ironing, a foot regulated switch is pressed for air suctioning which removes the moisture and heat as well from the pressed garment quickly. To operate steam iron, skilled and experienced operator is required because the proper regulation of air and steam supply depends on operator’s skillness.

steam iron
Fig: Steam iron

Steam Pressing Machine
A steam pressing machine consists of a static BUCK and HEAD of complementary shape, which closes onto it. Thus sandwiching the garment to be pressed. It has a frame carrying the BUCK which is generally round in shape. Besides this, it has linkages to close the HEAD, pipe system to supply steam to HEAD and BUCK, a vacuum system to provide suction through the BUCK, a table around the BUCK to aid the handling of the garments and foot control for HEAD closure and vacuum. The cycle of operation of this pressing machine for pressing a garment (like skirt, shirt, trouser, etc) is as follows:

Steam pressing machine
Fig: Steam pressing machine

In the case of manually operated press, the duration of steam supply, pressure and vacuum are left to the skill and judgment of the operator.

Working process of steam pressing machine

Steam from the BUCK is applied

The HEAD is locked to press the garment

Further steam may be applied from HEAD or BUCK

Heat is released

Vacuum is applied to cool and dry the garment

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