Flat Bed Fusing Press: Features, Working Process, Advantages and Disadvantages

Last Updated on 25/12/2020

Features of Flat Bed Fusing Press Machine

Muhammad Ibrahim Khalilullah
Department of Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University
Email: ibrahim23-3123@diu.edu.bd


Flat Bed Fusing Press:
In this machine, there are two beds; one bed is fixed called ‘BUCK’ and the other is moveable called ‘HEAD’. The interlining and garment component are positioned first and placed on the BUCK. Due to switch operation, the HEAD moves downward and comes in contact to BUCK and creates pressure on the component (interlining). Temperature is applied through HEAD and after a certain time the HEAD moves upward.

Flat bed fusing press
Fig: Flat bed fusing press

Heating system may be electrical or steam. Application temperature, pressure and time could be pre-set in this machine; hence fusing conditions are maintained properly. There are some modern flat bed fusing machines also available where for one HEAD three BUCKs are used. As a result production per unit time increases. There is an air suction system with BUCK by foot operated switch, which helps faster production. Most of these machines are fitted with timers and programmed controls and can achieve high levels of fusing quality.

Features of Flat Bed Fusing Press Machine:

  1. This type of machine contains two components. these as (a) Head and (b) Buck.
  2. The head is spring loaded and movable and buck remains fixed.
  3. Buck is covered with soft mat which is prepared with fabric, blanket or silicon rubber.
  4. Both surface of buck and head is covered with PTFE.
  5. Head is heated with current or steam.
  6. Sometimes heating arrangement is joined with buck.

Working Process of Flat Bed Fusing Machine:

  1. At first the part of the garment to be fused and spread over flately on the buck and the resin coated interlining is placed on it correctly.
  2. The head is gradually lowered on the buck by switch and the required pressure is applied and heating is done uniformly on the surface of the buck.
  3. Head is separated from the buck after applying heat and pressure till predermined time.
  4. Then the suction chamber sucks air from the buck.
  5. After sucking the air, the interlining becomes cold and fuses in the fabrics permanently.

Advantages of Flat Bed Fusing Press:

  1. Temperature, pressure and fusing time is adjustable.
  2. Easier process and most commonly used.
  3. Low cost.
  4. Tends to reduce fabric shrinkage.


  1. Not suitable for large scale production.
  2. Needs checking of fusing condition after certain period.

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