Comparison between Discrete Innovation and Continuous Innovation in Fashion

Comparison between Discrete Innovation and Continuous Innovation in Fashion

Vaishnavi Sudhir Naugan
Department of Fashion Technology
DKTE’S Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji, India


Discrete Innovation and Continuously Innovation in Fashion:
From ancient times to till the date and even in future, fashion world is fast changing and adaptable. Decisive factor of this ever changing Fashion industry is innovation.

Innovation in Fashion

Two prominent genres exists in fashion industry, which are Discrete innovation and Continuously innovation. Discrete innovation have it’s individuality and independent existence attached to itself. it is detached from continuous fashion trends and it itself is ground-breaking style or technology in fashion industry.

Whereas continuous innovation is continual of ongoing fashion. It is an unbroken flow which is characterized by uninterrupted Pattern with sustenance. It is an incremental improvement and refinement to existing design, product or material.

Both the types though distinct but it is prerequisite of evolution and success of fashion design. This bestow industry with opportunities of meeting changing consumer demands, technological advancements and sustainability requirements.

Comparison between Discrete Innovation and Continuous Innovation

Sr. NoDiscrete InnovationsContinuous Innovation
1.Discrete innovation is also known as distinct innovation.Continuous innovation is known as incremental innovation.
2.In the Discrete innovation entirely, thing is changed. Big improvement to service or product.In continuous innovation entirely thing is not changed. Only small improvement to product and Service is done.
3.Discrete innovation grows unsteadily with radical leap.Continuous Innovation grows steadily but with not radical leap.
4.Discrete innovation needs a large amount of investment.Continuous innovation does not need large amount of investment
5.Discrete innovation focuses on the needs.Continuous innovation focuses on the demands.
6.Discrete innovation requires maximum time, more investment hence more complexityContinuous innovation requires minimum time, little investment hence low complexity
7.Discrete innovation is created to displace product or services.

For ex. Computer Displaced typewriter

Continuous innovation is created to improve product or services.

For ex. Modifications in Mobile

8.Normally, Distinct innovation is not accepted by customers at the beginning.Customers accepts continuous innovation because of its features and improvements.

The coordination of discrete and continuous innovation is indispensable for fashion design process. While at once discrete innovation flickers new trends. Continuous innovation remains incremental to ongoing trends. By analyzing both the trends and embracing the balanced approach, fashion designers can navigate through dynamism of fashion trends, foster creativity and contribute to this process.



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