Sourcing Techniques of Woven and Knitted Samples

Last Updated on 18/12/2020

Sourcing of Woven and Knitted Samples in and Around Tirupur

V. Kruthika
Bachelor of Fashion Technology
Angel college of Engineering and Technology, Tiruppur, India


My intuition is to collect the woven and knitted samples as many as possible and make them a record. Sourcing from various industries by way which I can visit lot of industries. There are number of industries in and around Tirupur related to textile such as weaving mills, knitting mills, manufacturing industries, processing industries, etc,.. Where ever thing is connected to each other. So it shows the entire process of fabric manufacturing from fiber manufacturing to the garments or apparel manufacturing.

As the syllabus and subjects which are all about textiles I am little eager on learning it practically. So I started collecting the fabric samples from the industries where I go for industrial visit and in plan training. It helped me to develop my knowledge about types of fabrics, structure of fabrics.

Woven and knitted fabric samples
Fig: Woven and knitted samples

After collecting all the samples possible I feel my work of preparing exams made very easy to me. Where I learned it practically by analyzing each and every samples.

The process of collecting are finding something is known as sourcing. In case of fabric sourcing as a student I went to garment industries. All this companies are located in and around Tirupur.

There are three major types of fabrics which are having number of sub classifications in that.

  1. Woven
  2. Knitted
  3. Nonwoven

The fabric manufactured by interlacing of yarns. It can be created in many structures and designs.


  1. Plain fabric
  2. Twill fabric
  3. Satin fabric
  4. Honey comb
  5. Huck-a-buck
  6. Mock leno
  7. Gauss leno
  8. Backs fabric
  9. Tapestry fabric
  10. Extra warp
Woven fabric samples
Fig: Woven fabric samples

Extra weft fabric
Also we can find lot of sub classifications in this fabrics like, 1X1 plain, 2X2 plain, 2X2 twill, Diagonal twill, 2X3 twill, 5 end Satin, 6 end satin, Sateen and more.

It can be used as home textiles, garments and lot based on the purpose and characteristics of fabric.

A kind of fabric manufactured by interloping of yarns. Which is also having lot of designs and structures like,

  1. Single jersey
  2. Double jersey
  3. Rib
  4. Interlock
  5. Jacquard
  6. Pile
  7. Fleece
  8. Waffle
  9. Plaited
  10. Airtex
  11. Honey comb
Knitted fabric samples
Fig: Knitted fabric samples

These are majorly used as lingerie’s, sportswear, swim wear, socks, baby wear due to its smooth and elasticity properties.

Thus the collection of woven and knitted fabric samples is successfully completed. Also gained lot of practical knowledge, many industrial contacts.

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