Roles of HR Department in Textile and Garment Industry

Role of an HR in Textile and Garment Industry

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In this article we discuss about role of HR in textile and garment industry. HR and HRM stands for human resource, and human resource management respectively. HR department is a very important department in any business sector or within any organization. The HR manager it’s responsible for people management, planning, evolution of employees, implementation of rules and regulation, provide optimum service and solve the problems regarding the situations, HR mainly manage the human resources like policies programs various practices in the organization. The rules and responsibility which discussed by HR team it should be as per the government rules and regulations. HR team in garment and textile industries mainly focuses on recruiting and hiring people who includes employees and workers, they also work on managing employee and their benefits and compensations. They are also responsible for training and development of employees, and handling employee related issues and they also call for diversity and inclusion strategies, which managing employee relations and engagement programs, activities, create a healthy environment in the working place. HR team of garment and textile industries have a very challenging job and responsibilities. People management is not an easy task for anyone but, HR department work on their professionalism and do it very finely. So in textile and garment Industries HR manager place and very important role for overall success of their organization. So and HR manager is should be a very responsible person who drives many things for the betterment and overall growth of the organization, let’s discus briefly about the role and responsibilities of an HR in the Textile and Garment Industry [1, 2].

Role of HR in garment industry

Skilled Requirement of Hr Manager in Garment Industry:
HR manager should have some following skills:

  1. Effective communication skills
  2. Should have leadership qualities
  3. Strong interpersonal skills
  4. Should effectively interact with employees
  5. Excellent organizational skills
  6. Good in time management activities
  7. Handle confidential information
  8. Should follow ethical standards
  9. Good at decision making
  10. Good at hiring decisions
  11. Multi tasking good at people management
  12. Must have knowledge regarding labor laws, rules and regulations
  13. Problems solving skills
  14. Handle multiple basic software’s
  15. Stay updated
  16. Good at HRM skills and various operations of HRM.

Roles and Responsibilities of HR in Textile and Garment Industry:

  1. HR Functions: The HR manager oversees all HR functions, ranging from recruitment to separation.
  2. Hiring Process: The HR department is responsible for ensuring a smooth hiring process and minimizing employee turnover.
  3. Training and Development: HR plays a crucial role in organizing training programs for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge and monitor their effectiveness.
  4. Employee Support: They offer guidance and assistance in various areas, HR provides counseling and support to employees when needed.
  5. Office Administration: HR oversees office maintenance, administration, and general affairs. Handle the operations smoothly by managing, coordinating and resolving skills.
  6. Benefits Management: HR is responsible for managing employee benefits including health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks, handle enrollment processes, and resolve benefit-related issues.
  7. Performance Appraisal: HR implements performance appraisal systems for the evaluation purpose.
  8. Disciplinary Issues: HR handles disciplinary matters within the organization.
  9. Legal Affairs: HR handles legal affairs related to employment.
  10. Workplace Safety and Security: HR is responsible for maintaining a safe and secure work environment.
  11. Leave Management: HR manages employee leave requests, tracks attendance, and maintains accurate records and also ensure that leave policies
  12. Compliance Issues: The HR department ensures that the organization complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

So, the HR and HR department plays a very crucial role in various aspects of employee management and organizational operations, by ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization [2].

Job Description of HR Department in Garment Industry:

  1. Department is highly responsible for communicating hiring developing managing and implementing the organization standards.
  2. The responsible for clean and clear compliances reports to the boards.
  3. Interacting with various departments.
  4. Coordinating and communicating with various departments regularly.
  5. Solve through interaction the compliances issues and problems.
  6. Regular updated with the documentation and preparation process for the different audits.
  7. Managing and reviewing required company policy.
  8. Managing rules and regulations and laws of HRM under healthy environment.
  9. Do proper monitoring at the workplace regularly and solve the compliances issues.
  10. At the problem situation should motivate all the employments, workers and staff members.
  11. Train properly regarding the safety terms, health issues and ethical practices with documents of safety.
  12. Maintain all documentation and Personal records.
  13. Ensure the organization and people management though social ethics practices, health and safety requirements and other.
  14. Find out the non-compliance issues by the regular monitoring and auditing.
  15. Conduct internal audits including Labor Law, Factory Rules- regulations, buyers required audits & other national- international instructions of trade.
  16. Ensure that companies in the monitor compliance certification BSCI, ICS, SEDEX, NEXT, INDITEX, PRIMEMARK, ACCORD & Alliance etc. comply with the necessary audits and requirements.
  17. Make sure that the necessary safety standards are met, particularly Accord/Alliance for fire, electrical, and structural safety.
  18. Communicate and manage social audits such as buyer & certification/membership audits for ICS, SEDEX, NEXT, INDITEX, PRIMEMARK, ACCORD, etc.
  19. Regularly maintain and implement compliance mechanisms and tools, and provide statistical reports on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  20. Give important suggestions to the managing team regarding laws and COC.
  21. Conduct in house training program for all the employees regarding fire safety, grievance, OH and EMS.
  22. Adopt and maintain required standards like chemical standards safety standards environmental standards.
  23. Conduct regular internal H&S and Environmental assessments.
  24. Review and update all legal documents/certificate/license b regularly.
  25. Checking routine wise checklist and make report and update to management all compliance reports.

These are the main job responsibilities of HR department and HRM team there are some regular function or activities like Coordinate interview process, new employee orientation, attendance and absent status management, assist to coordinate recruitment & selection, manpower planning, management & data entries into HRM system, performance appraisal, employee counseling, maintain employee’s provided funds and investment and arrange all the event management issues for the office in different occasion such as- best employee, birthday and farewell programs and other [3].

The HR department plays a vital role in the textile and garment industry. HR managers are responsible for various tasks such as recruitment, employee development, benefits management, and compliance with labor laws. They also handle disciplinary issues, ensure workplace safety, and maintain accurate records. The HR team should have strong communication and leadership skills, as well as knowledge of HRM operations and legal regulations. Overall, the HR department is crucial in managing employees and ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization.


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