Safety Measures for Garment Industry According to Buyer Requirements

Last Updated on 15/12/2020

Compliance is very important term in apparel industry. Garments factory are committed to providing quality products. Part of this commitment to quality is, to make sure that our products are safe for our customers and end consumer, the environment and people involved in the production of buyer goods. Most of the apparel industry in used compliance of ILO. Now buyers are very concern about safety measures for garment industry.

Safety Measures for Garment Industry
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Failure to provide safe products can have severe consequences, including:

  • Civil proceedings for negligence and breach of statutory duty if a non safe product causes injuries
  • Criminal proceedings if our products do not keep to the Consumer Protection
  • Negative and damaging relationship with our customers and reduced customer confidence in our products.

These risks exist for both of us, Buyer and you, our suppliers.

The General Product Safety Measures for Garment Industry state the following:

No garment manufacturer should place a product on the market unless it is a safe product taking into account in particular-

  1. The characteristics of the garment product, including its composition, packaging, instructions for assembly and maintenance.
  2. The effect on other garments products, where it is reasonably foreseeable that it will be used with other cloth products.
  3. The presentation of the product, the care labeling, any instructions for its use and disposal and any other indication of information provided.
  4. Categories of consumer at serious risk when using the product, in particular children. This final point applies regardless of whether the item is intended for use by children or adults, if that item is considered to be in any way appealing to children.

It is essential that products manufactured for us must be safe to wear or use and must keep to all relevant laws. The below is compliance issue to variation in accordance with changes in legislation or level of interpretation. It is the customer responsibility to ensure that all goods supplied comply with all current rules and regulation and to keep up to date with any proposed change to current legislation.

Inadequate inspection procedures or poor supervision that could lead to a breach of safety are unacceptable and must be avoided.

You must make sure that all products are safe. You must make sure that all necessary precautions are taken during production to keep any risk to our customer as low as possible. You must also tell us, if you find out about any issues that could risk the safety of our customer.

If you send us goods which are not safe, we will have to take the necessary action, which may include recalling the goods from our customer’s stores, cancelling that order or any other order made by you, having future orders inspected, recovering our charges, costs and possible loss of profits up to the possible termination of our business.

If an unsafe object, such as sewing needle, is found in a product there will be a charge. The charge for a first offence will depend on our customer. The compliance charge for a second offence shall be higher, for example double of the charge for the first offence again based on the customer and we will have to review our business relationship.

This safety measures will give advice on how you can keep to the relevant safety laws. However, you should check the laws and also take advice from appropriate bodies including Trading Standards to make sure that you are up-to-date with development and best practice.

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