Method Study in Apparel Industry – A Systematic Approach

Last Updated on 24/12/2020

An Overview of Method Study in Apparel Industry

Noor Ahmed Raaz
Faculty Member, Dept. of Textile Engineering,
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology


Method study:
Method study is defined as: the systematic recording and critical examination of existing and proposes ways of doing work, as a means of developing and applying easier more effective methods and reducing costs. It is an investigating technique used to determine the best way of doing a job. By implementation of method study in apparel industry can be possible to reduce lead time and cost.

Method Study in Apparel Industry

The basic approach of method study is to follow a simple six step procedure:

  1. Select: the work to be studied
  2. Record: all the relevant facts.
  3. Examine: the fats critically.
  4. Develop: the most effective method
  5. Install: that method.
  6. Maintain by: by regular check

Method study symbols:

Operation symbol of method studyOperation: Indicate main step in a process, method or procedure Usually the part material or Product concern is modify or change during the operation.
InspectionInspection: Indicates and inspection for quality and / or check for quantity
TransportTransport: Indicate the movements of works, materials or equipments from place to place
DelayDelay: Delay Indicate the delay sequence of the events / works.
StorageStorage: Permanent storage (Hold)
CombinedCombined activities Operation & quality check.
Combined activitiesCombined activities Quality check then operation

In order to make a vivid presentation of facts and to enable the mind to understand them quickly them and clearly.

Objectives of method study:

  1. Simplify the task (or eliminate it).
  2. Eliminate unnecessary motions.
  3. Reduce the inherent work content.
  4. Engineer the operation.
  5. Better design of plant & equipment and buildings.
  6. Improved layout of factory and offices.
  7. Better working conditions and environment.
  8. Higher standard of safety and health.
  9. Improved flow of work.
  10. Better quality.
  11. Greater job satisfaction.
  12. Higher earnings.
  13. Improved utilization of resources.
  14. Effective material handling.
  15. Efficient process and procedure.
  16. Optimum inventory.
  17. Optimum output.
  18. Improved administration.
  19. Waste reduction.
  20. Standardization and rationalization.

Method study of activities:
There are following 5 method study activities as described below:

1. Operation: An operation is an action performed for advancing towards a desired result.

2. Inspection: An inspection is to check that the planned activity has been performed correctly.

3. Storage: Storage occurs when the product is removed for a time from production.

4. Delay: A delay occurs when some undesired able even prevent the next planned activity.

5. Transport: A transport occurs when there are movements from one place to another.

Application of Method Study in Apparel Industry:

  • Designing work station to increase efficiency
  • Develop layout
  • Improve material flow
  • Planning the best rate of movement of people
  • Develop a system of various functions

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