What is Cone Winding | How to Maintain Good Quality in Cone Winding

Last Updated on 22/02/2021

How to Maintain Good Quality in Cone Winding?

Harshani Wijendra
Sri Lanka Institute of Textile & Apparel Technology (SLITA)
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What is Cone Winding?
Winding is the final stage of spinning. After manufacturing of yarn, from different departments in the preparatory process and ring department, it is ready to make a shape into final cone form so that it can be shipped to customer for use. The purpose of cone winding is to clear the yarn from objectionable faults and wind with uniform tension on large packages like cones or cheeses to facilitate the activities of warping and weaving, and for easy handling for transporting. During winding process of yarn following objectives are met.

Cone winding using grooved drum
Fig: Cone winding using grooved drum

1. Scanning and faults removing
Electric Scanners (uster) are used for checking and elimination of yarn faults during winding process. This process is called Usterization of yarn. Such faults are called scan-cuts.

2. Splicing of broken or cut yarn
Auto splicing is done for broken yarn pieces to eliminate yarn knots and bad piecing.

3. Bigger package
Conversion of yarn from small ring bobbins to bigger yarn cones of different international standard or as per requirement of customer. During achieving above objectives or making of winding cones some faults are created during the process. These faults need to be controlled through monitoring and continuous study. Most of the winding faults are very dangerous for the next subsequent process which can be warping or knitting or doubling. We can face complains from customer of breakage of yarn during unwinding process.

How to Maintain Good Quality in Cone Winding?
Following point should be considered for quality point of view:

1. Winding speed should be 1200 meter per minute for getting good quality.

2. For getting good quality, yarn fault clearers device setting should be as close as possible in order to eliminate the disturbing yarn faults.

3. In order to get good quality of yarn count channel setting should be less than 7%.

auto cone winding machine
Fig: Auto cone winding machine

4. Cone which we prepare for weaving purpose should have minimum fault for getting good quality, especially in the long thin places and long thick places.

5. For getting good quality yarn, splice strength must be 75% more than of the yarn strength.

6. Splice appearance should be good. Splice device should be checked twice in a week.

7. To get better efficiency, cone weight should be 1.8 to 2.4.

8. Yarn winding tension must not be high during winding. If we will keep it high then tensile properties will be affected such as elongation and tenacity.

9. If waxing attachment is below the clearers, the clearers should be clean at least once in a day.

10. Wax roller should rotate properly

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