Job Opportunities for Textile Engineers in Bangladesh

Last Updated on 03/01/2021

Job Opportunities for Textile Engineers in Bangladesh:

Economical crisis of the recent years is increasing in international market. For COVID-19, getting new job is too much difficult. This harmful affect has falling down the economy of Bangladesh. To overcome this problem many mills and industries have cutting out their labors. As a result, unemployment problem is increasing remarkably. The effectiveness of this result is contributing to do unstable of social condition. It affects on collapsing of human nature. Kidnapping, steeling on street have become common affair in Bangladesh.

If we consider different job sectors in Bangladesh. In this case textile sectors are completely exception to other section. When the entrepreneurs of other sector are trying to short their business. But in textile sector this situation is completely reversible. New entrepreneurs are increasing day by day in textile sectors. Specially in RMG sectors. Currently, there are more than 8,000 RMG firms in Bangladesh. More than 95 per ent of those firms are locally owned with the exception of a few foreign firms located in export processing zones. The RMG firms are located mainly in three main cities: the capital city Dhaka, the port city Chittagong and the industrial city Narayangonj. Bangladesh RMG firms vary in size. Based on Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) data, found that in recent times more than 78 percent of the firms employed a maximum of 400 employees each. So, it can say easily that job opportunities for textile engineers is better than any other engineering sectors in Bangladesh.

job for textile engineers

Garment companies in Bangladesh form formal or informal groups. The grouping helps to share manufacturing activities, to diversify risks; horizontal as well as vertical coordination can be easily found in such group activities.

Scope of job for textile engineers are mentioned below:

1. Production
2. Govt/Others
3. Govt Job (Special)
4. Special Job

A. Production

1. Lab
2. Spinning

  • Production
  • Quality

3. Fabric

  • Knitting
  • Weaving

4. Dyeing

5. Planning
6. R & D
7. Garments production
8. Finishing
9. Quality

  • Grey quality
  • Fabric quality

10. Printing
11. Technical officer
12. Fabric technology
13. Washing
14. Industrial Engineering
15. Compliance
16. HR (Human Resource)
17. Sample section/development

B. Govt/Others

8. EPB
10. EPZ
11. DOT
12. MOT
13. BTEB
14. BTMC

C. Govt Job (Special)

1. DOT (Assistant Director)
2. Instructor (Technical)
3. Instructor (Vocational)
4. Superintend (Vocational)
5. University (Public)
6. University (Private)
7. College (Textile)
8. Textile Institute (Public & Private)
9. PSC (Non Cadre)
10. BCS

D. Special Job

1. Marketing

  • M/C Marketing
  • Dyes/Chemical Marketing
  • Accessories/Trimming

2. Testing

  • SGS
  • ITS
  • Intertek
  • Bureau Veritas

3. Merchandising

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