How to Become a Fashion Blogger

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

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In today’s world, having a great sense of fashion is not just limited to clothing, fashion, accessories and makeup. Nowadays, it has become a way of life. Irrespective of the color, size, and race, fashion lets one create the individual identity. And to keep this excitement alive among people, we have the dynamic fashion bloggers. In this of career as a fashion blogger lets them explore the world and engage, motivate people to have a better sense of style as well as fashion. A fashion blogger utilizes multiple social media platforms to express and highlight fashion ideas and bring awareness related to fashion.

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Fig: Fashion blogger

A fashion blogger is someone who gives their personal style, fashion tips, as well as trends through blog posts or social media platforms. They generally go for content creation such as outfit inspiration, fashion hauls, and style guides to inspire and inform their followers. Fashion bloggers posse’s passion for fashion and use their platforms to present their unique sense of style and provide fashion-related advice and insights. They can be a part of influential in shaping trends and giving inspiration to their audience. Nowadays, some popular fashion bloggers have gained a huge fame and have even collaborated with brands or launched their own fashion lines and brands.

How to Become a Fashion Blogger:
To become a successful fashion blogger, one need to go through the following steps. And with a chance of luck and proper coverage, one may easily become a fashion influencer in very less time. The following six steps will help you get started with your first fashion blog.

1. Know Your Interest:
Well, when it comes a fashion, it is a broad term. It comprise of a wide range of clothing, accessories, make up etc. from different genre, style and brands. It ranges from season to season, by region, taste, preference and personality. Before you starting fashion blogging or writing about fashion, know whom you’re writing it for and what they like or want. It is not possible to please everyone all the time, so it’s wise to choose a niche or area of interest and try to create a loyal and true follower base. This allows you to emphasize all your efforts and hardwork on making amazing content, meeting you’re audience expectation and needs, and maybe slightly less competition. Here most importantly, is to stay true to you.

2. Choose The Right Platform:
It is very necessary that, to choose the correct platform for your fashion blog. When it comes to a blogging platform or content management system (CMS) lets create, manage, update, and optimize a blog as per your interest.

***Why you should have your own platform?
People may think that, why not to start with Instagram? Many people follow and use it, right? While it is truth fact that many people use Instagram as their initial platform and used to earn money from it. It is not advisable to use Instagram solely for blogging. Instagram is basically a privately owned platform, which means that, they can take down anything they want at any time. Same is the case with many other social platforms. The Following are a few reasons why one should have your own platform –

  • It gives you complete access
  • Choice to experiment with content type as well as length
  • Many customization options

3. Select a Domain Name:
If anyone doesn’t know what a domain name, then it is, basically the online address for a website. Try to select a domain name that is very funny, trendy, catchy, unique and memorable. Always choose a name with 2-4 words and check if it’s available already by someone. After selecting the correct domain name one need to register the domain name. Try to take inspiration from many fashion bloggers like accidental Icon, girl with curves, or the fashion advocate as well as the budget fashionista, if you are not able to finalize the name.

4. Find the Fashion Theme:
Now when your fashion blog is ready and running, make it look great. Here, one can customize the themes, show off your style, taste and personality. Fashion can be very influential in nature. The Theme is also very important as much the content that you’ll write. If the readers don’t like your theme, they might not stick around to see the desired contents and to your blog. Ensure that, it is compatible with mobile and tablet applications. One can easily find countless themes online like – Blossom feminine, feminine lifestyle, Astra, Divietc to choose from.

5. Create Content:
Now, it’s time to get to the real work that is content making. Content making is the most crucial thing when you want to start a fashion blogging. In today’s world, content is king. Put your heart out, unleash your inner imagination and get started on making authentic as well as quality content for fashion lovers. Having a idea helps to some extent, but you can always merge it with and experiment with new content type. For example if you are a travel fashion blogger, so it doesn’t mean that you can’t cover a red carpet fashion. If you have an Interest and idea for a certain topic, opt for it, as long as your viewers are enjoying your content. Ensure that, your content is optimized for search engines too.

6. Promote Your Content:
What’s the sense of creating content if no one is reading it? As a new fashion blogger, your viewers or audience most probably have no idea you exist. So, here you have to make your presence known. In this world of the internet, we are equipped with all sorts of content. Put some effort in creating marketing strategies to stand out between a sea of fashion bloggers. Your earnest work needs to be recognized by people who will appreciate it. And marketing is only way to go. One can easily adopt a social media marketing strategy in place, along with the following-

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Guest Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Online and Offline Networking

Roles of a Fashion Blogger:

1. Modelling:
Currently, it has become the universal truth that Instagram and YouTube are the two most popular fashion blogging platforms. As a fashion blogger, it is an important role that one has to perform, that one must know modeling and styling skills. As per the perfection is considered, it isn’t necessary to be perfect from the start, but bloggers must try to improve with time.

2. Writing:
This is also important role of fashion blogger, to develop a natural flair for writing and showcasing the views in a flawless manner. Writing is an integrated part of fashion bloggers’ day to day job.

3. Editing:
It is seen that, as a beginner blogger, there are more chances of mistakes for example punctuation, grammatical errors, etc that are needed to be corrected. Hence, editing or proofreading is another important role of a fashion blogger.

4. Collaboration:
Nowadays, it has become a popular event in the fashion industry. Fashion bloggers are generally invited by many of the big brands into various events and are asked to cover the event and write as well as publish about it. Also, it is found that two or more fashion bloggers collaborate sometimes and organize a discussion panel or Q&A sessions or press conference.

5. Photography:
Fashion bloggers need to spend time and money in a fantastic camera as the photos need to be high quality and superb. Learning to use, handle the camera as well as learning how to manage lighting and angles is important. The more creative and expertly photos are clicked, the better the blog will look.

6. Advertising Campaign:
Nowadays, all the big fashion brands are fraternizing with fashion bloggers for marketing their products. The endorsement can be either in the form of traditional or in the form of content marketing.

Fashion bloggers play a critical and crucial role in the fashion industry, offering a unique and personal perspective on style and trends. Even though their blogs and social media platforms, they gives an inspiration, advice, and a platform for self-expression. Fashion bloggers have the power to influence and shape the way people see and engage themselves with fashion. They can easily connect with their audience on a personal level, sharing their own experiences and showcasing their individual sense of style. So, currently fashion blogging has got lot of scope and fame. People, who are interested in this career option, can go for exploring this field.


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Q1. Can I become a fashion blogger? 
Ans: Anyone can easily start a fashion blog. That is, with a few skills in place first: here are some things that we think will really come in handy if you want to succeed as a fashion blogger. It might be weird to think about, but fashion bloggers are public figures.

Q2. Can I earn money from blogging? 
Ans: Generally, Blogging is a kind of small business idea with the capacity to create thousands of dollars per month, either by driving product sales for your own brand, earning some sort of commission from affiliate programs or marketing, or creating a space for digital ad sales.

Q3. What is the difference between blog and website? 
Ans: It is seen that, a website more focuses on “static” pages. Static pages are generally a kind of pages where the content don’t frequently change, like an About page or a Contact page. Whereas as compared to website a blog has more dynamic content. Blog posts, or articles, are published by the blog owner himself often regularly and can appear in social feeds and be emailed to subscribers.

Q4. How to write a fashion Blogger profile?
Ans: There is no standard kind of method for writing a fashion blogger profile. But some suggestions would be: keeping it as simple as possible, being to the point, don’t make it over, try add some personal touch and be creative.

Q5. How I can become a fashion blogger on Instagram?
Ans. To become a fashion blogger on Instagram, initiate the journey  by creating an attractive profile, always post high-quality fashion-related content, always use relevant hashtags, engage, interact with your followers, and collaborate with brands for exposure.

Q6. How long should a blog be? 
Ans: As per some content marketing experts, it is  suggested that 1500-2000 words are the enough and suitable length of a blog post. However, many companies and brands follow shorter blog length guidelines, such as 500-750 words to honor a specific element of their marketing strategy.

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