Cordura Fabrics: A Value Added Textile

Last Updated on 04/12/2021

Cordura Fabrics: A Value Added Textile

Bhavdip Paldiya
Dept. of Textile Technology
Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology, Surat, India


Value Added Textile:

  1. Value added textiles also known as “Performance Textiles”.
  2. Performance textiles (also referred to as functional, technical textile, smart or high-tech textiles), are making strong inroads across the commercial textile market with their elegant, soft designs that can take the abuse of patients, visitors and guests, and still look great.
  3. In order to create fabrics that are odor—, UV—, heat—, water—, wrinkle— and stain—resistant, fabric innovators have incorporated the use of chemical treatments, new fibres, and weaving techniques into standard production practices.
  4. The high performance and cost effectiveness of smart and interactive textiles have enabled them to replace traditional materials and become popular among many end-users.

Cordura Fabrics:

  • Cordura is the brand name for a collection of fabrics used in a wide array of products including luggage, backpacks, trousers, military wear and performance apparel.
  • Cordura fabric is known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs.
  • Originally developed and registered as a trademark by E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company- DUpont in 1929, it is now the property of Invista (a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries).
  • Cordura fabrics are usually made of nylon, but may be blended with cotton or other natural fibers.
  • Cordura fabric is available in a wide range of constructions, weights and aesthetics, including versions designed especially for tear resistance and color retention.

Products by Invista-cordura:

  1. CORDURA® AFT Fabric
  2. CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric
  3. CORDURA® Baselayer Fabric
  4. CORDURA® Classic Fabric
  5. CORDURA® Denim Fabric
  6. CORDURA® Canvas / Duck Fabric
  7. CORDURA® EcoMade Fabric
  8. CORDURA® HP Fabric
  9. CORDURA® Lite/Lite Plus Fabric
  10. CORDURA® Naturalle™ Fabric
  11. CORDURA® NYCO Fabric
  12. CORDURA® UltraLite Fabric
  13. CORDURA® Combat Wool™ fabric
  14. CORDURA® 4EVER™ Fabric

Most Important Invista’s Cordura:

  • Invista’s Cordura brand fabrics have again been named ISPO Textrends winners for innovative textile developments for Fall/Winter 2017-2018.
  • With 32 award-winning fabrics in this year’s contest the Cordura brand has winners in all the ISPO Textrends fabric categories showcasing the versatility of its latest durable technologies.
  • With five award-winning fabrics in this newest category for ISPO Textrends, the Cordura brand showcased its range of focused technologies for the urban commuter market.

Cordura-Ultralite Fabrics:

  • Cordura UltraLite fabric impressed the ISPO Textrends’ jury in this category.
  • Known for its lightweight, yet durable construction, Cordura UltraLite fabric technology is said to be ideal for a variety of end-use applications where optimal strength to- weight ratio is critical.
  • At just under 40gsm this fabric is said to combine strength, durability and water resistance into an ultra-thin, ultra-light barrier solution. Six other Cordura fabric was selected in this category, including Cordura Combat Wool fabric.

Performance of Cordura Fabrics:

cordura fabric

Performance of Cordura Fabrics
Fig: Performance of Cordura Fabrics

Applications of Cordura Fabric:

  1. Sports Wear
  2. Eco Textiles
  3. Millatry Clothings
  4. Fire Proof Fabrics
  5. Smart Textile Fabrics
  6. Motor Cycle Jackets
  7. Other Smart Clothings

Value Added Fibers:

  1. Carbon
  2. Acrylic
  3. Rayon
  4. Nylon
  5. Glass
  6. Aramide
  7. Sulphur
  8. PTFE
  9. HDPE

Advantages of Cordura Fabrics:

  • Care And Cleaning
  • Antibacterial And Antimicrobial
  • Stain-resistant
  • Pilling-resistance
  • Wrinkle Resistance
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Flame/Fire Retardants
  • Many others…



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