Copy-Paste Worksheet, A Big Mistake in Merchandising

Last Updated on 20/12/2020

Copy-Paste Worksheet, A Big Reason for Big Mistake in Merchandising

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Generally when merchandiser goes for any booking he takes old worksheet by copy-paste for new work order, suppose accessories or fabric booking format. This is easy to prepare the booking by changing some figure on the sheet. But sometime this can be big disaster for the order. If I am not wrong very few merchandiser can be exception who did not do mistake because of copy paste worksheet reason. In my early career I had also bitter experience that happen due to copy-paste problem in worksheet.

Copy-Paste Worksheet in Merchandising
Fig: Worksheet preparation by a merchandiser

I can remember it was a booking for single poly. As usual I have taken an old worksheet to go for new work order. Yes, I completed the booking and waiting for poly when it will be in-housed. Finally when time arrives for packing then I realized my mistake. I had changed everything on the old worksheet but forgot to change poly Quantity. The order require twelve thousands poly bag but as old worksheet mentioned three thousand then poly in-housed only three thousand. That means nine thousands poly bag still require to pack for whole of the order. It was very bad situation for me. I was scared & nervous because if the goods not shipped in the next day, goods will air. The worse things happen that the next day was Friday & we were on the Thursday evening. So poly supplier was closed for Friday. However it was very tough to manage everything & finally goods went by sea. The mistake was very simple- quantity was not changed on the worksheet but the suffering was huge just not for me but for everyone those are related with that order. So everyone should have to be careful when using old work sheet for any new booking.

What should have to do when working on old worker sheet or Copy-Paste Worksheet?

1. Take a fresh worksheet:
Never take old work sheet rather take fresh work sheet where nothing is mentioned as example no style name, order no, quantity. The worksheet will be just a copy for format only.

2. High light the area where need to change:
If it is excel sheet then put particular color in cell that you can easily understand the cell need to change or put something. Suppose order no, style name, fabrication, required quantity so that the possibility to forget the figure will be less.

3. Cross check for the sheet:
Cress checks means just to see some particular figure. Suppose – correct quality. In my above mistake the problem was in the quantity but not in quality or sizes so additional quantity was needed only. On the other hand if quality is not correct then everything will be disaster. One of my colleague forgot to change quality so put single jersey instead of 1×1 rib fabric then happen the worse thing in his career.

4. Ask co-worker just to have a look:
When work-order is ready then take help from co-worker & ask him/her just to have a look on the sheet so that he/she can find something what is overlooked.

5. Don’t be hurry:
Need to take extra time before releasing the work sheet so that anything error can be identified. It was said when bullet was thrown from the pistol then nothing left to do so before releasing the bullet should have to confirm the target point.

6. Checking over & over:
I know my work order is perfect & so sleeping quietly putting oil in the nose. So relax!! Then came the bad day & left some lesson. So before the final hour comes need to check again & again if anything still requires changing.

7. To be cool when work sheet preparing
Doing the booking in cool mind is really necessary to avoid any kinds of big mistake.

Hope form next we always try to avoid not to do same mistake in future to keep secure the job as well asto enhance career.

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