Stages of Inspection in Garment Industry

Last Updated on 30/12/2020

Stages of Inspection System in Garment Industry

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Garment Inspection:
Inspection is the act of looking at something closely in order to learn more about it, to find problems, to see if rules are being followed and things are in their proper condition. Quality assurance process the bulk pollution is examined before delivery to the customer to see if it meets the specifications. The consumers want to get high quality products in low price. The products should reach the consumers with right quality depends on the cost. Quality assurance covers all the process within a company that contributes to the production of quality products. Which is conduct form beginning to end of the process (or) shipment? The inspection is carried out by representatives of the current production and the result record on control chart. Which is a process to Assure the product quality acceptable or not.

Stages of Inspection in Garment Industry
Fig: Inspection in Garment Industry

Stages of Inspection in Garment Industry
The aim of garment inspection is to visually inspect articles at random from a delivery in order to verify their general conformity and appearance with instruction/description and/or sample received.

There are different stages of inspection are done in garments industry following by inspectors as requirement of consumers:

  1. Pre-Production Check (PPC)
  2. Initial Production Check (IPC)
  3. During Production Check (DuPRO)
  4. Final Random Inspection (FRI)

A. Pre-Production Check (PPC):
This is done before production starts. Where then is a final verification of the material used; style, cut and workmanship of the garment or pre-production sample as per the customer requirements.

B. Initial Production Check (IPC):
This is done at the start of production where a first batch of garments is inspected; to distinguish possible discrepancies/variation and to allow for the necessary corrections to be made bulk production. The inspection is a preliminary stage covering mainly style and general appearance, workmanship, measurements, quality of fabrics, components, weight, color and/or printing.

C. During Production Check (DuPro):
This is done during production to ensure initial discrepancies/variations have been rectified. This inspection is in fact the follow -up of the initial production check and is generally carried out a few days after the initial inspection, especially if discrepancies have been detected at that time.

D. Final Random Inspection (FRI):
This is carried out when the production of the total quantity of an order or partial delivery is completed. A sample lot will be selected from the order and a percentage of the garments will be inspected, this percentage usually being stipulated by the buyer. The AQL sampling inspection may be applied or another inspection system designed by the buyer.

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