Ladies Fashion Trouser Specification Sheet Making Techniques

How to Make Spec Sheet for Ladies Trousers

Jahanara Akter
Fashion Designer & Ex-Lecturer,
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh


What is Garment Spec Sheet?
A specification sheet commonly referred to as “Spec Sheet”. It is also called tech pack. A garment specification sheet or tech pack is a technical document that comprises the construction details of the product, a technical sketch/diagram of the garment, the measurements of all the parts, care label instructions, art-work placement, fabric specifications, packing instructions etc. mentioned in the spec sheet. The designers communicates the design concept through the spec sheet. In this article I will describe how to prepare spec sheet for ladies trousers.

Ladies Fashion Trouser:
Trousers are an item of clothing, worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately. Women’s trousers have gained a lot of popularity amidst women as these gives a trendy and smart look to the wearer. Trousers are also known as pants and available in an attractive colors and designs.

ladies trousers
Ladies trouser

This style could be part of a new seasons range and is offered in several colors. The fabric performance, shape, size chart, labeling, and packaging will have already been established, examples of which I have included in the specification. The style could be tweaked many times, making style changes, but the specification can easily be reworked and quickly changed.

Packaging is sometimes overlooked; factories you have worked with on a regular basis will get to know your packaging requirements, but companies are regularly sourcing new factories, and it is quite surprising how many different ways there are of folding a pair of trousers and placing them in a bag and carton. Even if you are working with a familiar factory, nothing should be left to chance, because if the person who normally looks after your account is away, someone else could take over, who is not familiar with your requirements, and companies have many customers all with different needs. You must instruct your suppliers to follow your specifications, which must be comprehensive and easy to follow, as they are aware of financial penalties or claims against them if the product or packaging is faulty or not as specified, and if a claim is made, they will instantly look for the get-out clause “it wasn’t specified” or “the specification wasn’t clear” show Figure-1.

Ladies Fashion Trouser Specification Sheet Making Techniques:
Rather than trying to put all the details on one page, it is better to create pages for each section of the garment (Figure-1).

Different parts of Ladies fashion trouser
Figure 1: Different parts of Ladies fashion trouser

But here I have given all figures and process step by step in one place:

1. The first page of the specification, as shown in below tables, is the fabric construction and minimum textile performance required.


Minimum Performance Requirements

Fiber composition


Yarn count


100% Cotton

60 x 60 Warp and weft

16s x I6s

180 grams per square meter

Tensile Strength PS EN ISO 13934-2: 2014- Grab Method150N
Seam Slippage BS EN ISO 13936-1: 2004
Seam Strength BS EN ISO 13935-2: 1999
6 mm SO 80N SSI2ON
Martindale Abrasion
BS EN IS0 12947-2: 1999
SIC at 5000 revs grade 3/4
Martindale pilling
ES EN ISO 12945-2: 2000
2000 revs grade 3/4


Stability to washing BS EN ISO 6330: 2012+/-3%
Stability to dry cleaning Commercial-14-3%


Color fastness to washing
BS EN ISO C06 2010
Change: 4 Stain: 4
Cross stain: 4/5
Color fastness to dry deaning
BS EN ISO 105-D01: 2010
Change: 4 Stain: 4
Cross stain: 4/5
Color fastness to water
BS EN ISO-E01: 2013
Change: 4 Stain: 4
Cross stain: 4/5
Color fastening to rubbing
BS EN ISO 105-X12
Dry: 4
Wet 3/4
Color fastness to light
BS EN ISO 105-B02: 2014
Std 4 Reg 4

2. The second page, as shown in Figure-2, is the overall look of the product.

Overall look of the trouser
Figure-2: Overall look of the product.

3. The third page, as shown in Figure-3, shows the back and front details.

Back and front details
Figure-3: Back and front details

4. The fourth page, as shown in Figure-4, shows the inner waistband.

Inner waistband
Figure-4: Inner waistband

5. The fifth page, as shown in Figure-5, shows the measuring points.

measuring points
Figure-5: Measuring points

6. The sixth page, as shown in Figure-6, shows the size chart.

size chart
Figure-6: Size chart (Click on image for large size)

7. The seventh page, as shown in Figure-7, shows the packaging instructions.

Trouser packaging
Figure-7: Packaging instructions.

Spec sheet of ladies trousers is an informative sheet that designers create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a women fashion trouser. Spec sheet facilitate this process by putting all the design details on paper in numbers and images to prevent misunderstandings and easy know who was at fault when mistakes happen. Essentially a tech pack is like a contract for each garment. The more detailed a spec sheet is, the less room there is for error.


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