Singeing and Desizing Process in Textile Industry

Last Updated on 09/01/2021

Singeing and Desizing Process in Textile Industry

Rana Sohel
Executive Engineer
Sunman Textile Mills Ltd. Chittagong


Objectives of Singeing and Desizing:
The objectives of singeing operation is to pass the fabric from the burners of the Osthoff singeing machine so that the hairiness of the fabric is burn out and smooth fabric with minimum pilling is obtained. From the desizing process the main objective is to obtain the fabric specially cotton fabric free of sizes so that the penetration of the dyeing, printing and finishing chemicals made possible for best quality product.

fabric singeing process
Fig: Fabric singeing process
Desizing Process
Fig: Desizing Process

The overall the activities carried out on fabrics for which singeing and desizing is prescribed and to get the fabric as per requirement of the International Standards.

Preparation of the Recipe:

General recipe:
Desizing Chemical: 3.33 gm/L
Wetting agent / Soap: 2gm/L
Acid: 0.5 gm/L

Singeing and Desizing Operation:

  • All the chemicals are prepared on gram per litre (gpl) basis.
  • Instruct the workers to wear PPEs as per requirement.
  • Weigh all the chemicals according to the Receipe Khata as written by the production officer or department Manager for specific quality of the fabric
  • Add all the chemicals by calculation as per instructions of the production officer to the stock tank.
  • Now transfer the desizing chemicals to the running tank for desizing operation.
  • Check the pH of the desizing bath, it should be 5-6 for proper desizing.

Pre-Running Mode:

  • Prepare the rout card for the program number and it should always accompanied by the lot number during all processing operations.
  • Make arrangements to load the fabric on the Singeing / Desizing Machine and at the exit the Batcher.
  • Tight all the compensators and make sure that the fabric is not loose in desizing chamber.
  • Check the chemical stock tank, it should be filled up to the optimum level.
  • Heat up the desizing chamber as per requirement of the quality of the fabric.
  • Start the burning chamber and make sure that the flame intensity is up to the level as per instructions of the production officer for each quality.

Running Mode:
Now start the singeing / desizing machine with the following procedure!

  • Press the squeezing button to ready for operation the sqeezers.
  • Once squeezing OK set the flame intensity and the speed of the machine.
  • Start the machine.
  • Make sure that the fabric is picking up desizing chemicals at an optimum level.
  • Once the batcher is complete, take it out of the winder and install it on the batching stations and cover it with blue polythene sheet.
  • Start rotation of the batcher.
  • The rotation time is given as per instructions of the production officer and it should not be less than 8 hours for complete reaction between the desizer and the fabric impurities.
  • Make sure that the rotation will not stop at any stage because it will create unevenness in the fabric and it will make the quality of the fabric inferior.

Quality Control:

  • Inform the quality control department for the running lot number and program number.
  • Q.C. personnel will collect the sample and check the quality parameters.i.e. pilling test, tegewa scale rating. pH of the fabric and GSM etc. to ensure the best quality.

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