Influence of Celebrations on the Fashion Industry

Influence of Celebrations on the Fashion Industry

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In India, festivals are considered as big shopping and fashion season. It is one of best time for many fashion designers to express their creative, aesthetic and fashionable concepts through the current fashion trends as well as consumers’ purchasing behavior. Festivals are based in culture and serve as a platform to celebrate various parts of life. In India, festival season affects on our clothing choices and purchasing habits, which in terms influence the fashion industry. All of the festivities are religious in nature. Celebrations have an impact on fashion since it is the greatest time to experiment with new concepts and styles.

celebrations on the fashion industry

How Celebration Influences the Fashion Industry?

1. It is observed that, celebrations influence the fashion industry throughout the year, but most during festival time when activities are more than normal. Most of the people adopt the dressing style according to what is associated with the celebrations whether for religious or cultural purposes.

2. In India, festivals are major seasons that inspire the choice of clothing and therefore purchasing habits. The most creative and innovative look of women’s and men’s is best presented near festive seasons. Even it is fact that, festivities play an important part in the evolution of trends in fashion since fashion brands release their newest collections around the time of the celebrations.

3. Festivals are major aspect of fashion, and even they have an impact on future trends. These are the types of occasions that everyone celebrates with elegance and with good looks. In today’s era, festivals throughout India are about getting styled up in the contemporary fashion styles with cultural links.

4. Different varieties of dresses can be worn depending on the nature of the celebration they are meant for e.g., long and colorful dresses for weddings while shorts, real chrome hearts hoodie and jeans may be worn at a party tine or nightclub gathering. This shows how much celebrations influence the fashion industry.

5. Even it is found that, celebrations have a large impact on businesses, companies and other profitable organizations. The most promising and profitable organizations usually keep a special fund dedicated to advertising their products in order to create awareness about them beforehand so as they can be sold during the period of celebration or festivals. e.g., many companies advertise different presents during Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Dashera, etc.

6. However, as the time goes on and fashion priority changes, comfortable ethnic attire has enhanced as the preferred option. During such times, various ethnic attire such as Salwar-kameez, kurtas, palazzos, dhoti pants, and sharara suits became so fashionable and popular. These current fashions may be found at in-store and online websites that offer fashionable styles as well as fantastic shopping offers.

7. Baisakhi, Durga Puja, Diwali, Pongal, Eid, and many varieties of other festivals are all celebrated in traditional clothing. In terms of clothing ideas, it allows for experimentation as well as maintaining originality. Whether it is purchased online or from a store, a festive dress is quite fashionable and tends to attract attention. It has an impact on Indian consumers’ shopping behavior.

8. It is analyzed that, the ethnic wear industry in India was worth over Rs. 925 billion in 2018, and it is projected to grow to a staggering Rs. 1.7 trillion by the year 2023. The main drivers are the recession-proof Indian wedding industry, special events, traditional festivals, and business casual/workwear.

9. During the celebration season, many designers come up with unique festive discounts and promotions to boost up their revenue and give various offers. Festivals have a profound influence on the fashion industry in India, re-arranging customer purchasing patterns, design concepts, and purchasing strategies.

During the time of various celebration and festival season, customers buying behavior changes. Customers are more likely to buy festive attire as a result of increased investment in textile and fashion market. One of the factors that influence customer buying behavior is urbanization. Annually, a increasing graph depicting higher sales during the festival season appears in fashion industry. Furthermore, due to internet everything has become more transparent and has played a significant role in the shift in purchasing patterns. The ability to purchase a garment on the internet at a reasonable cost is one of the other factors driving the fashion transformation.


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