Drafting Procedures of Sharara Suit for Women

Drafting Procedures of Sharara Suit for Women

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What is Sharara Suit?
The source of the sharara suit, it has been invented from the design aesthetics of Mughal royalties, and thus sharara suit dress became well-known in India with the Mughal rulers. Gharara suits are known as a public attire of Pakistani salwar kameez for Muslim populations.

Sharara is a pair of lose, flared and wide legged lower torso trousers customarily worn with straight kurti. A Sharara is worn with a shorter length (normally up to mid-thigh portion) kameez/kurti and a dupatta can also be used as the upper torso wear. The traditional Sharara required around 8 to 10metres of fabric. sharara, is also embroidered with  silver or golszari, sequins, original/imitation stones and beads work to enhanced its modesty.

sharara suit for women
Fig: Sharara suit for women

A sharara suit can be traced back to the ethnic wear of Mughal era, mainly to the Awadh region which today is better known as Lucknow. A sharara suit typically contains a short decorative kurta and a pair of flared pants. A sharara dress seton the extra hand is also a new age version of a Cotton sharara suits wearable during the spring /summer collection.

Cotton sharara suits are the best during summers and also for casual events. A beautiful double-layered sharara set embroidered with zardozi, sequins, and beads on the neckline will make you look quite the stunner. Shararas are a pair of loose, wide legged and flared trousers that can be worn with kurtis, anarkalis, and long cholis. They basically fall straight and give the look and feel of a lehenga skirt as the pleats or the flares starts way up above the knee. There are two types i.e sharara set.

Sharara is a costume that is worn by Asian bridals, Pakistani brides more specifically. Sharara is paired up with choli or kurta along with dupatta. With a crop top or a blouse. One of the easiest way too style sharara pants for a wedding or a festive celebration is to pair it with a matching or contrasting crop top of sharara with solid short kurti. Solid sharara with printed kurti.

Required fabrics for sharara set is 6 meter to 8 meter, cloth width is 48 inches. (Width of fabric divided by width of one piece equals the number of pieces that fit into width rounded down to the whole number).

Find the width of fabric. Typically this will be 44/45 or 58”

Suitable fabrics are: finer quality cotton, Egyptian, oxford cotton, poplin, cambric, voile-glaxomul with suitable lining materials, polyester, viscose, pure silk, artificial silk, Linen, Brocade silk, Georgette, crepe, satin, chiffon and lighter to medium weight fabrics affordable to the sharara set dress.

Measurements Required for Sharara Suit:

  • Side length up to knee = 18”.
  • Full length = 40”
  • Waist girth = 30”
  • Seat girth = 38”
  • Working –scale = 19”
  • Thigh girth = 29” (seatx2/3plus3”)
  • Knee girth = 25” (with looseness)
  • Bottom girth+ = 40”.

Drafting Details of Sharara Suit (Front part):

1-2 = waist elasticated width is 2”

2-3 = 18”+1/2” knee level.

4-2 = seat/3. For high waist body rise or seat/4+2 is medium level body rise position. Normally medium is preferred.

4-5 = 1/6th working scale+1/2”.

6-5 = seat/4+1”. For ease.

7-4 = seat/3+1” as per draft.

6-8-9 = draw a vertical line as shown.

7-10 = draw as per draft.

10-11 = 1” inward as per draft.

12-3 = 1” inward as per draft.

13-3 = side length is 40” minus knee length 18”=22” as per draft.

13-14 = bottom hem is 1 ½”

15-10 = 6” to 8” to be kept for knee gathering, this is ornamented portion with embroidery work.

Note: Cut the knee portion 3 to 10 and to joined with knee to bottom part as per draft.

drafting of sharara suit
Fig: Drafting of sharara suit

Drafting Process of Sharara Suit (Back part):

17-7 = 3/4” down ward.

18-17 = 1/6th working scale+3/4”.

19-8 = 1 ½” is noted.

20-19 = 2” is noted.

21-20 = 2” is noted.

22-21 = Draw as per draft.

While cutting the back part inlays 1”to 1 ½” is necessary in the inseam, back seat curve portion is to be kept as inlays apart from the seam line is always compulsory.

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