Necessary Android Apps for Textile Engineering Students and Professionals

Last Updated on 15/07/2024

Necessary Android Apps for Textile Engineering Students and Professionals

Noor Ahmed Raaz
Faculty Member, Dept. of Textile Engineering,
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology


Android Apps for Textile Engineers
Android apps have brought revolutionary change in our day to day life. Smart phones are more common than computers today. People can get a lot of different benefits from smart phones and that too in a very portable and mobile manner. Android apps are also widely used in textile and apparel sector.

textile android apps

Now I’m giving some essential textile and apparel related android apps which may help textile engineering and students on their workplace and study. If you fall in trouble then comment below of article.

Generally there are two types of textile apps in Google play store. They are basic textile related and textile calculation related apps.

Basic Textile Related Apps:
Basic textile apps generally contains following features.

  1. Textile Fiber.
  2. Yarn Manufacturing Technology.
  3. Fabrics, Types and How Weaving Sequences implied.
  4. Dyeing or Wet Processing Technology.
  5. Fabric and Garments Printing and Process Flowchart.
  6. Apparel or Garments Engineering.
  7. Colleges, Universities Information about who are offering Diploma, Bachelors and Masters Degree on Textile in all over the world. Online Fashion Degree info also included.
  8. Raw Materials Used in Tex Mfg.
  9. Knitting & Washing Tech.

You can find basic textile related apps from here:

Textile Calculation Related Apps:
These types of android apps will be used to calculate the cost of progression of work in different stages in the textile and garment industry.

Through those apps, the possible calculation of some of the work process of Clothing industry such as auto caner, ring, frame, simplex, finisher drawing, comber, lap former, breaker dying, etc. can be found out. At the same time, it can be calculated, the quantity of thread is produced from the sum of cotton and the time requirements in producing this quantity of thread.

You can install textile calculation related apps from here:

List of important android apps for textile and apparel industry:

1. Textile Learner Android Apps:
It is Textile learner’s official apps. Textile Learner is the largest and most popular textile blog over the net. It is an ultimate reference for textile students and professionals. It helps to update textile and apparel based knowledge among the textile students, teachers, entrepreneurs, researchers and over all people who want to know textile A-Z.

Install from here:

2. Textile Calculation:
Basic converter and calculator application dedicated to textile spinning.

Install from here:

3. Textile Dictionary Android Apps:
Textile Dictionary will help you to find out the most common textile word. With this app, you will able to find out and see the word related picture.

Install from here:

4. Textile Viva:
Basic textile knowledge for job interview.

Install from here:

5. Yarn count and Cost Calculator:
This is a Simple Yarn Count Calculator, Converter, Yarn Length Calculator, Fabric Weight Converter & Fabric GSM Calculator.

Install from here:

6. Textile Merchandising Android Apps:
Textile merchandising is acquiring of knowledge for apparel merchandiser. It describes costing, fabric consumption, production and career of garments industry.

Install from here:

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