Different Types of Body Shapers for Female

Different Types of Body Shapers for Female

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What is Body Shaper?
Body shaper or Shapewear is defined as an undergarment that helps to create a flat silhouette and carve your figure to enhance your natural curves, particularly when going with tight-fitting garments. This type of supportive garment is also called ‘Spanx’, after one of the most famous brands available on the market, though many fashion and lingerie labels sell them. Nowadays, shapewear has become one of the basic needs for women. After a long period of struggle it has managed to develop a special place in every woman’s wardrobe. Either you ready for party, office or even just for a day-out with friends, shapewear can completely enhance from your look and uplift your confidence.

Different Types of Body Shapers for Female:
After the trends of body shapers has been increased, so many women get really confused while picking a shapewear. Currently, there are varieties of body shapers options available that choosing just one becomes a problem. So let’s go through at all the different types of body shapers that are available there in the market.

1. Shapewear panties:
They help to slip in your tummy while also lifting your back. It would be like any woman’s dream. Even, it is also seen that they provide medium to firm support to make you feel enclosed in and substantial in all the right places. This shapewear are perfect to be worn when you are wearing a skirt, a dress or any other type of tight fitting dressing.

Shapewear panties

2. Shapewear shorts:
When it comes to shorts, the main difference between shapewear shorts and panties is that the shorts cover up to the mid thigh, which helps you to develop a smoother shape of your thighs. It is an ideal option for those women who love tight pencil skirts wearing to the office. Even they are also found to be high-waisted so you don’t have to think about proportions, as your all the sides of tummy, rear and thighs are all taken care of.

Shapewear shorts

3. Waist cincher:
When it comes to waist cincher, it may look a lot like a corset, but it’s developed with completely different types of material. The major function of a cincher is to provide you the hourglass figure while wearing an elastic material instead of wearing those metal corsets. This is a ideal option for those who are looking for is a slim waist.

Waist Cincher

4. Control camisoles:
To talk about these shapewear, they are designed in the kind of camisole or tank top outer shell, which have a built in shaping panel, pads and/or underwires. The special feature of these shapewear is that it controls camisoles, minimize flab and arise up the bust.

Control Camisoles

5. Shapewear bodysuit:
It is the one alternative on this list that comes along with a bra. It tends to develop a soft look all the way starting from your chest down to your thighs. It is a ideal choice when one wearing a body on dress. Even the special feature is that there will be no visible underwear lines, so body parts bulge out of the outfit.

Shapewear bodysuit

6. Open bust body shaper:
As the name suggests that, this is available with an open bust. This is very useful for female who opts a rare bra size and find difficulty in searching a bodysuit in their size, or just choose wearing their favorite bra anyway. The special feature is that it particularly combines comfort with a perfect fit, as you get to select what bra to wear while still experiencing the superb result of having shape wear on.

Open Bust Body Shaper

7. Maternity body shaper:
Expecting mothers will applause how this pair of shorts matches well with their maternity dresses. It has a kind of nonslip waistband, so there is no question about it rolling down your bump (great for extra support). It’s particularly not as compressive kind of traditional shapewear, which keep you comfortable, but mothers-to-be or new moms will like this seamless finish underneath clothing.

Maternity shapewear

8. Racerback shapewear:
It is found that not all the types of shapewear bras are made equal, but when it comes to Skims, it ensures that there’s an appropriate size available for everyone, which particularly includes plus-sizes and larger busts. It is found that racerback bra available in market goes up to a 4XL and is majorly known for its stretchiness property and good molding qualities. It’s compressive in nature but not too tight and looks superb underneath fitted clothing.

racerback shapewear

9. Shaping tights:
Searching for a best black tights that’s to your desired level of transparency, that don’t stretch out or roll down throughout the day, and won’t complicate at just the sight of your fingers, can be an embracing case of trial and error. To deal with it, Spanx Tummy Shaping Tights are available in market. The special feature is that these mid-rise tights go back the belly button, however they might be a awkward fit for our tall friends, here the shaping highlights that they have less stretch to fit different heights. These shapewear support through the stomach band with an ideal amount and had a good smoothing appearance.

Shaping Tights

10. Saree shapewear:
This shapewear look and go well with ethnic outfits such as sarees, lehengas and even with some kinds of skirts. It is being designed with some amount of compression to smoothen out specially your waist, hips, back and thighs, this also gives a mermaid shape to the body. It is very easy to wear and goes invisible under body-hugging clothing.

Saree Shapewear

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11. Corsets body shaper:
They are particularly designed to make a woman’s waist look smaller and sexier with lifting up the busts. From the ancient ages itself, corsets are being used as body shapers. It’s the modern era/youth that take them as lingerie.

Corsets body shaper

12. Merry widow:
This is also another kind of corset. The feature of this is that they are generally strapless and are recognized by the characteristic center point at the bottom of the dress.

Merry Widow

To conclude with, shapewear is considered as a great tool to make your outfit look beautiful, no matter what body type you have. If you’re looking for shapewear in plus size or regular sizes, it can come in useful in many conditions. There are many situations comes in life where you want to avoid tummy rolls, improper look of your hips and thighs, so here shapewear is the solution for this problem. There is a misunderstanding that shapewear is only worn by women of plus sizes, but now it is being worn by all the sizes women. In fact, it can help a woman of any shape and size to look smoother under tight clothes. There are many types of body shapers are available in market to choose from depending on your needs.


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Q1. Can we wear body shaper daily?
Ans: No, its not good idea because it can cause a lot of health problems including skin infections, breathing, UTI, etc.

Q2. Which types of body shapers are best?
Ans: Always choose the pieces that enhance less on compression and more on smoothing, so that you can be in your comfort and keep your shape.

Q3. Does shapewear helps to reduce fat?
Ans: No, it doesn’t help to reduce belly fat or any other type of fat. However, it will make you appear fabulous while you’re wearing it. You’ll look slimmer, more elegant and more confident.

Q4. How do I choose a body shaper size?
Ans: Go with correct measurements of your bust, waist, hips, and the length of your torso, and after that try refer to the brand’s size chart. Here note that shapewear is manufactured to fit tightly, so it’s important to measure yourself precisely to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Q5. Should shapewear be tight or lose?
Ans: Basically, shapewear should feel comfortable and secure against your body but not so confining that if affects your body movements and breathing process.

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