Challenges of Garment Merchandising Jobs in Recent Times

Last Updated on 19/12/2020

Challenges of Garment Merchandising Jobs in Recent Times

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What is Garment Merchandising?
Garment Merchandising is a recognized jobs profile in garment industry. Free-standing the clothing industry, many identify this period as well. Garment merchandising is producing a lot of worth to garment customers.

“Merchandising is the professional art of similar goods to the needs and favorites of clienteles to confirm projection off take”. In other name merchandising is the marketing commotion answerable for ensuring a product’s popularity, together in qualitative and quantitative.

‘Merchandising’ word is originated from Merchant or Shopkeeper. The duty of the storekeeper is to arrange right products with right price before a consumer decides to buy or identifies about the garment product from promotion or media. If a merchant fails to supply things on time or fails to supply the right packaging, customer will go to other shops and buy the products from opponents, who preserve the desired product in stock.

Garment Merchandising Jobs
Fig: Garment merchandiser

Merchandising is a process or purpose for what to buy and how to buy for sale of the specified products.

Merchandising is a mereportion of marketing process where 4 P’s are required to complete the process of marketing. 1. Product, 2. Price, 3. Place / distribution and 4. Promotion

In the above, the term ‘Merchandising’ has been explained in general. In an instant explained about the garment merchandising.

When it comes to explain about garment merchandising, this is to convey the orders by using different marketing outfits, positioning raw materials according to consumer’s specifications, producing goods with quality customary in a definite time with a durable follow up, send out the goods and receiving the payments. After finishing everything, closing the order file and starting the marketing activity again and again. This is Garment Merchandising as an entire aspects.

Required Qualities for Garment Merchandising Jobs:
Following are key skill groups, a merchandiser need to obtain to implement his/her tasks positively.

  1. Should have through computer skillset.
  2. Good communication skills written and spoken
  3. Good knowledge in Arithmatic/mathematics
  4. Always be Bold and Active
  5. Knowledge of different fabrics
  6. Acquaintance on Garment production
  7. Knowledge on washing skillset
  8. Knowledge on banking, commercial, shipping .
  9. Essential to have at least a related training etc.

Other important qualities are –

  1. Able to gross high mental pressure
  2. Must take accountability for task undertaken

Responsibilities of a Merchandiser:
A merchandiser is answerable for the following tasks but not partial to these only.

  1. Marketing
  2. Costing and price quoting
  3. Sample progress and control whole sampling process
  4. Fabric and accessories sourcing and tracking
  5. Factory production scheduling and production tracking
  6. Ordering final inspection
  7. Shipping plan and booking
  8. Customer relationship.

In an export house or garment manufacturing unit, a merchant plays major role in order execution. They need to co-operate with the entire department in a factory. The major departments in factory with whom merchants work closely is shown in the following:

Quick Response Merchandising:
Garment Merchandising is such an occupation where one wishes to be very much energetic all the stage. As this is related with export of the garments to overseas countries, time management is playing the vital role and also very much important. This is one of the scale of efficiency that, how fast merchandisers’ can answer.

  • Pre-Order & Post-Order merchandising
  • Pre-order Contracts (Marketing Portion)
  • Marketing: Advertising/ Publicity/Promotional work
  • Receiving Inquiry: Tech pack, Measurement chart and related information
  • Price Quotation: Consumption, Costing, Pricing
  • Negotiation: For price fixation

Post order Jobs (Execution part):
Sampling & Approvals: After confirmation of an order merchants need to sampling and take approval on samples, fabric development and trim and accessories.

  • Sampling and approvals
  • Raw material Sourcing,
  • Production Follow up and
  • Post Production Tasks

Are the Major tasks and process flow after sampling have been shown to the buyer.

Merchandising as a Challenging Career:
Around a lot of challenges in merchandising job. Those challenges may come from diverse perspectives. Here are major point to be looked into as career experiments.

  1. Career Perspective
  2. Educational Perspective
  3. Social Perspective
  4. Industrial Perspective
  5. Organizational Perspective
  6. Leadership Perspective
  7. Earning / Economical Perspective

From this point of view, in garment merchandising, a specific needs to take loads of challenges and face much fights to give confinement. Treat like a baby as a garment related to other job silhouettes in the garment industry.

“Time Management ” and “Hard Working”

Are two most important significant merchandising skills that one must have to become a prosperous apparel merchandiser.

In recent scenario is shown that the export of the garment orders from the American buyers are considerably being reduced due to the up liftment of the quota system since 2000, Indian manufacturing exporters are reduced in numbers, due to facing lack of orders and as well as the cut throat competition around the neighborhood countries. So day by days garment merchandising jobs are lossing its attractiveness among fresh textile engineers.

Recently, many garment exporters are turned to manufacture the domestic garments like, men’s shirt, jeans pants, womens gown, inner wear, salwar-kameez, and nighty wear to fulfill the needs of the domestic consumers. But any way merchandisers are still more in demand.

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