Basic Concept of Garment Merchandiser Duties and Responsibilities

Last Updated on 15/12/2020

Basic Concept Regarding Garment Merchandiser Duties and Responsibilities

Mohammad Sajjadul Karim Bhuiyan
BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology


In garments sector, merchandising is an important department which talks marketing and production department at the same time. Merchandiser is the key person in merchandising department. So, garment merchandiser duties and responsibilities are huge. To make smooth the merchandising activities every merchandiser has to follow a process flow chart by which anyone can do his/her work very smartly. In any case, the merchandiser is the person whose responsibility is to execute the orders perfectly as per the costing and pricing. So it is a very valuable department.
Merchandising department
Fig: Garment merchandising department
Most important factors have to maintain a merchandiser:
  1. Communication
  2. Planning
  3. Production

Process Flow of a Merchandiser:

Diagram on garment merchandiser duties and responsibilities
Fig: Diagram on garment merchandiser duties and responsibilities

Garment Merchandiser Duties and Responsibilities are Described Briefly:

Order received from the Buyer with Details about the product: Buyers place order to different factory though the merchandiser of that factory with details. Merchandiser first analysis the product and inform buyer if the factory capable of doing the order or the not.

Sample Development Initiative Taken: If merchandiser confirm their capability, then buyer ask for sample development and merchandiser taken initiative for sample development.

Price Negotiation with the buyer: If buyer like the development sample, then he may ask for price and negotiate price with the price.

Confirmation of order and receive the order: If both buyer and merchandiser agree with the price buyer may confirm order to the factory by required documents issuing against the factory.

Taken Initiative to provide all required sample: Here merchandiser taken initiative to submit sample such as Proto Sample, Fit sample, Sales man sample, Size-set sample etc. according to Buyer’s requirements.

Fabric Booking: In the meantime, merchandiser has to order the required fabric as per their consumption based on order quantity.

Accessories Booking: At the same time of fabric booking, merchandiser has to book all required trims and accessories.

Swatch Board and trims Card make and obtain approval: Merchandiser has to make swatch board and trims card to get approval from buyer to ensure fabric swatch and trims & accessories are using as per buyer’s requirements.

Ensure raw- materials In- House: Merchandiser ensure all raw materials are in –house as per requirements.

Arrange PP meeting with all actual: Before going into the production, have to arrange pre-production meeting for smooth production. This meeting has to arrange the merchandiser with all documents, mail commutation print out and all necessary information for revising the product which help smooth production.

Concern with authority about start the production: Merchandiser concern with production manager, General Manager, planning manager for starting bulk production.

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Sample test for 3rd party testing (if required): Merchandiser has to send sample from production to 3rd party testing to ensure there are no harmful things in the product.

Collect daily production & Quality report: Regular production and quality report should be collected by merchandiser in regular basis.

Ensure pre-final and Final Inspection date with concerning buyer’s representative: After completing bulk production, make a pre-final & final inspection for the order with concerning buyer’s representative.

Prepare all the documents for Shipment: Before going to shipment, merchandiser have to prepare all the documents required to ship the goods.

Send documents to Buyers: All the documents about the order should send to the buyer after sending the full order quantity for receiving payment.

Inform Commercial department to take initiative to collect payment: After sends documents to buyer’s merchandiser inform commercial dept. to take necessary action to collect payment.

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