The Role of a Production Manager in Garment Industry

The Role of a Product Manager in the Apparel Industry

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In this article we will discuss about various roles and responsibilities of a product manager in apparel industry, and more about this job category. Product and production are the two core and crucial factors of the apparel industry. And a product manager act as a bridge between industrial activities and practically and he is a person who plays a crucial role in the organization. Product manager is a dynamic position, and the team working under his is responsible for manufacturing of goods which meets to the demand and desires of end consumer. So it’s important to understand what are different roles of production manager and his responsibilities in garment sector.

Product Manager in Apparel Industry
Fig: Product manager in apparel industry

Skills Required for a Production Manager in Garment Industry:
Product manager in apparel sector should have effective and cost efficient workmanship solutions and he should have great knowledge of apparel constructions and product related things like patterning, construction, operation breakdown of product, material and equipments required, and other things which include fit related properties and applications. Following are some skills which collectively enable a product manager to effectively lead and oversee the development and lifecycle of products and to the overall growth of organization [1].

  1. Leadership
  2. Team building
  3. Team management
  4. Business planning and management
  5. People management
  6. Trends and market analysis
  7. Microsoft Office proficiency
  8. Competence in production calculations
  9. Understanding of fabrication processes
  10. Proactive and reactive problem-solving
  11. Comprehensive understanding of the product development process (from basic to advance)
  12. Thorough knowledge of Apparels and Textile products, both theoretically and practically
  13. Familiarity with various departments and their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  14. Proficiency in Lean management principles
  15. Familiarity with advanced techniques and emerging technologies
  16. Strong in punctuality and time management skills

Additional skills includes:

  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Data analysis
  • Project management
  • Market research and analysis
  • Financial analysis and Budgeting
  • Functional collaboration
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creative thinking and R&D activities
  • Vendor management and communication
  • Supplier management and communication
  • Negotiation skills
  • CRM skills

Role of a Product Manager in the Apparel Industry:

1. Analyzing the market trends:
Product manager have to analyze the market and current market trends through conducting surveys to understand what consumers are looking. These trends which includes the categories of kids, women, men’s and type of product category which they work on. Other things which also product manager have to deal with is look for best manufacturers who have a great potential for ready to buy the manufacturing designs [1].

2. Define business goals:
Production manager and the respective team members of organization have to define the objectives and goals which focus on growth of organization. So by defining the business goals and objectives is very essential, product manager have to also focus on profitable relationship with buyers. So the defining goal should be SMART.

3. Coordinate with different departments:
To manufacture the goods with minimum lead time, a product manager have to deal and communicate all the respective departments. Though effective coordinating various departments and problem solving approach manufacturing process run smoothly. So it is a key responsibility of product manager communicates and coordinates with all.

4. Build business standard out from competitors:
To sustain in apparel market ethical competition is mandatory. So to create a brand image by acquiring best position in the global market is very important. Product manager have to coordinate with marketing team and create and build a business standard out from competitors is very important.

5. Create and maintain good relationship with various departments, different buyers or customers:
CRM stands for customer relationship management. In apparel industry merchandising team and product management team are responsible for CRM activities. So as a product manager it’s very essential to create and maintain healthy relationship among the various departments in garment factory. And also as a part of CRM satisfying the needs and demands of customers by supplying optimum quality of products is very important in clothing sector.

6. Commitment with fashion designers to showcase their products and promoting the goods:
To create a unique designs and patterns as per the trends and customers demands is very difficult process. But a best designing team serve the unique and best possible designs to the product manager. So through commitment with designing team the variety of designs can showcased in fashion shows in front of audience, for effective promotion and improve sale performance. At the end it provide two way benefits in selling of goods at profitable rates and helps to the designers for maintaining uniqueness in their designs. [3]

7. Product development and PPC:
As a product manager, product development and PPC are the two core activities which have handle at regular basis. Product development department or sampling department is responsible for generations of different samples and after the approval of samples buyer place the order for bulk. So product manager have to deal with product development department at daily basis and he or she should have problems solving approach at this stage.

8. Lead time management:
Product manager have to define and determine efficient methods which the production team have to follow, so at the end they can meet the customer deadlines. Reducing the lead time at best level and providing best quality of goods to the customer is essential, manufactures can grab the customers by lead time management. So to reduce lead time to satisfy the end customer is important.

9. Reporting and maintaining the records:
As a part of SOPs and reporting, product manager have to take care of different reports and documentation. They have to collect and maintain record the samples, production, shipment record and other. And also listening to customer feedback from customer, changes in designs as per the customer requirements which are essential for improvement. A product manager collects insights from consumers, analyzes the data other activities.

10. Sales performance monitoring and analysis:
The monitoring of product lifecycle in the current market is important of the continuous performance. As I mentioned product manager executive the feedback and tracking of the goods so, analyzing the sales performance also the inventory levels of product is key responsibility for the product manager.

In summary, a garment production manager is responsible for the research and development of apparels. The role and responsibilities of a product manager in the apparel industry is multifaceted and important. Product manager is act as a link between creativity and practicality, who is responsible for delivering stylish and functional garments that align with market trends as per the business goals. In this article we discussed about different skills encompass which includes leadership, teamwork, market analysis, and efficient coordination, which are the most important for the organizational growth. Hence the dynamic role of product manager, have the fusion of fashion expertise and also the strategic planning, which ultimately drives the apparel industry smoothly.


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