What is High End Fashion and Popular High-End Fashion Brands

What is High-End Fashion and Popular High-End Fashion Brands

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What is High-End Fashion?
The brands which basically provides products or services related with rarity, excellence, and high prices are known as high end fashion brands. They are generally referred as status symbols and are very famous among high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) as well as among the aspirational buyers. High end fashion brands available in markets like designer fashion, jewellery, cars, hotels, events, cookery, cosmetics, and travel and many more.

High-End Fashion

Nowadays, fashion has been on an upward trend with some introduction and launching on the scene, but when it comes to fashion houses that have stood the test of time still dominate the market. High end fashion, which is also being referred as Haute Couture is the creation of very personalized clothing custom made for individual special clients. It is not usually a mainstream, as they prefer the best quality of materials as well as rarest materials which is available, also they provide personalized craftsmanship, and hence the name given is Haute Couture.

Features of High End Fashion Brands:
There are many ways that brands can attract luxury and premium consumers, including the following:

a) Creating a good brand identity and image:
High end fashion consumers are usually attracted towards that have a clear, distinctive brand identity and image that match with their own culture, values and preferences. By building a strong, cohesive brand identity that conveys a sense of exclusivity, luxury, and sophistication, brands can target luxury consumers.

b) Offering very best customer service:
High end fashion consumers usually tends to expect a superior level of personalized, attentive service, and are ready to pay a premium for a comfortable and positive customer service. Brands can target luxury consumers by offering best customer service, which generally includes personalized helpers, tailored recommendations, and solely access to special events and experiences.

c) Pay attention towards high-quality products and materials:
High end fashion consumers are also looking for products/ stuff that are developed with high and good quality materials and attention to detail. So, by promoting and showcasing the quality, craftsmanship of their items, and highlighting the utilization of premium materials and ingredients, brands can easily attract the customers.

d) By building a eminent and sophisticated reputation:
High end fashion consumers also connected with luxury brands with prestige and sophistication, and are attracted towards the brands that have a strong and good reputation in their industry. Companies can easily target luxury consumers by collaborating and building a strong, positive reputation either by word-of-mouth publicity, industry recognition, and collaboration with other well known brands or organizations.

e) Offering exclusive, limited-edition product:
High end fashion consumers always look for   exclusivity and rarity, and may be ready to pay a premium for items or experiences that is not easily and widely available. So by providing an exclusive, limited-edition products or experiences, brands can attract the customers towards them.

Various Popular High-End Fashion Brands:
Below are various high-end fashion brands that influence all the ongoing aspects and activities in the fashion industry:

It is one of the great well-known Italian brands, which is popular for their high end and luxurious dress as well as for the leather items. This brand is primarily being used by the Gen Y people for their excited heretical designs. The main USP of this brand is their unique craftsmanship. If we refer the facts and figures, the top three Gucci products explored by shoppers online are flip-flops, shoes, and belts. By maintaining a brand value of $ 12.7 billion, Gucci is considered as one of the richest brands in the fashion world.


Louis Vuitton:
It is popularly known as LV, which is a French fashion line, which is being counted in the top three luxury brands in the world. The brand has enjoyed exceptional popularity for decades because to their custom-made high end fashion goods which includes dresses, handbags, designer sneakers as well as some of the leather products. It has been analyzed that, LV is being one of the most profitable brands in the world with a margin of greater than 30 percent. As per the Forbes-2020, the brand value of LV is nearly $39.3 billion. The USP of this brand is their exclusive products. It has presence in emerging markets. As well as the financial performance of this brand is found to be consistent.

Louis Vuitton

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Just like LV, Hermes is also a clothing brand, which is originated from French, which has a long history of collaboration with celebrities and royalties. This brand is found to be one of the expensive brands in the world, which is particularly known for its highly sophisticated designs such as Birkin bag and scarves. The brand manufactures various product category such as designer clothes, fragrances, leather goods as well as many fashionable accessories. This French clothing brand has an estimated brand value of almost $10.6 billion. The special features of their brand are their rich heritage and elite craftsmanship.


It is basically a classic Italian fashion brand which is found to be more popular among the business class. This brand majorly manufacture products like shoes, apparels leather handbags, fashion accessories, and perfumes. As per the reports, it has a net worth of $9.5 billion. The special characteristics of this brand is network of Directly Operated Stores (Dos) and heavy investment in technology throughout the supply chain.


This is British originated fashion brands, which is found to be one of the oldest in the world. The brand is offers the products such as fancy jackets, scarves, overcoats, trench coats, ready-to-wear, various perfumes, and sunglasses. The approximate net worth of this brand is $5.87 billion and key point is their key attention to the needs of consumers across generations and genders count.


Tom Ford:
The fashion icon and the great designer and Tom Ford served as the creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent before branching out with his self titled luxury fashion brand. Today, Tom Ford makes a bewildering range of some of the most special and costlier luxury clothing and accessories in the world. With this brand, men can get ready with a Oriental Floral Velvet Dinner Jacket or comfortable down with shearling slippers. Even women can find many things starting from crepe dresses and slouchy cashmere to silk sweaters to many stylish sandals and footwear.

Tom Ford

When it is about this brand, the most famous Givenchy garment is Audrey Hepburn’s black dress in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” which was very appealing item that consider the deep  influence Hubert de Givenchy exerted on high end fashion from launching his Parisian brand in 1952. This brand continues to manufacture excited and playful garments for women, for example little denim dresses as well as asymmetrical pleated skirts. Also, Givenchy has created into an essential destination for luxury and high end men’s suiting as well as high-end designer wear.


Ralph Lauren:
It was generally originated in New York City in the late 1960s, initially it was started off selling ties before deep driving into a fashion business, it is most famous for its classy clothes, very good elegance, and heady scents. The brands costlier apparel falls under the Purple Label category, which has a  a linen-blended cardigan which basically costs close to $2,500.

Ralph Lauren

It has been recently reopened flagship store, which was found to be originated in Paris in 1947, which presents how Christian Dior transformed fashion with his new look and style, it was generally the full-skirted, glamorous and attractive designs for women that launched his brand to fame. Currently, the key element of Dior women’s attire include elegant Lady Dior handbags also a  special collection, the 30 Montaigne Wardrobe, which pays respect to the brand’s Parisian roots.


This is a Spanish high end fashion brand which was founded in San Sebastian late in 1917 by one the talented and creative designer Cristobal Balenciaga. Due to his strict standards as a couturier he was regarded as the ‘master of us all’ by Christian Dior. Currently, Demna Gvasalia is the creative director of Balenciaga.


The name behind this legendary and well known brand is Valentino Garavani, which was created in 1960, after serving his passion as an apprentice designer in Paris. The key feature that stands him out of the crowd is his signature Valentino RED. Initially it was serving to women; by Qatar in 2012 this combination was acquired through Mayhoola for Investments S.P.C. for 700 million Euros.


When it comes to luxury or high end fashion, it more about than price or style, it’s a feeling sense of elegance and timeless grace that is associated with that brand. Either through sophisticated interior design or cheerful, excited clothing and accessories, a luxurious lifestyle simply serves as a comfort in how you showcase yourself. Nowadays, fashion has become an important component if you want to apply luxury or premium to every aspect of your life and activities. You can raise your personal style and look easily with the help of highest-quality materials as well as designs from some of the top fashion houses which are being available in the world. In the above article, a list of the best high end fashion clothing brands has been listed, which will help you to dress artfully and show off your persona.


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Q1. What differs high-end fashion different from fast fashion?
Ans: when it comes to high-end fashion, it majorly gives attention developing unique, superior-quality pieces that are made to last for more time of period. Whereas, when to talk about fast fashion brands, it generally manufactured very trendy, affordable kinds of clothing, but main pain point here is the quality.

Q2. Is high-end fashion is affordable to me?
Ans: Regarding, affording of the high-end fashion, it is a personal decision based on your budget as well as priorities. There as some of the options, which can up money, such as shopping during sales or visit at outlet stores, or one can also go for exploring pre-owned luxury items.

Q3. How to identify copied high-end fashion?
Ans: Copied high-end fashion stuffs are generally being unauthorized duplicates of designer products. To identify the fakes easily, simply look for impulse in the aspects such as logo, stitching, and materials.

Q4. How do I opt for the right high-end fashion brand for me?
Ans: Basically, searching for the correct high-end fashion brand is totally relies on your personal style, preferences, taste and majorly on your budget. Go for researching various brands, look out their collections, and see which ones matches with your vibe, aesthetic and values.

Q5. What are future trends in high-end fashion?
Ans: It is found that the trends in high-end fashion can change from season to season. However, the upcoming trends might involve the designs like bold prints, some of the oversized silhouettes, it may adopt for sustainable fashion, and adopt innovative materials.

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