List of Sustainable Clothing Brands in UK

List of Sustainable Clothing Brands in UK

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As we know that, the fashion industry has had its fair contribution of green sheen. The words like ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ usually get thrown about by some of the high street brands instead the lingering issue over worker’s rights, unsustainable materials and chemical dyes. Nowadays, sustainable fashion is achieving more than just a trend. Currently, if we observe it’s easier to identify some of the best affordable ethical & sustainable clothing brands in the UK which simply deliver effortless style with an eco-friendly aspects whether it’s loungewear or something even more sophisticated. So, it is clearly analyzed that sustainable fashion is no longer a fuzzy problem but varied, modern and accessible, also the price is coming down as well.

Top 10 Sustainable Clothing Brands in UK:
Below sustainable clothing brands are popular in UK. These brands all are not origin in UK but popular here. Briefly described of top ten popular sustainable clothing brands in UK.

Sustainable Clothing Brands in UK

1. Yes Friends:
It is a bosom based sustainable clothing brand, generally for both men and women. It is originated by the Sam Mabley, he basically tried out to prove the fact that sustainable clothing can be both affordable and profitable in nature. They make sure that  they’re utilizing minimum direct to customer margins, because of which it is possible for them to charge affordable pricing for sustainable clothing such as a £7.99 t-shirt. When it comes to their denim cut and sew factory ‘Evolution3’ it is the only manufacturer in the world who are rated 100/100 for their extraordinary ethics and practices.

yes friends clothing

2. Colorful Standard:
These brand was founded by Tue Deleuran, and this brand particularly believes that we can be wearing the vibrant colours we love without harming the earth. They usually tends to create locally to minimize their carbon footprint, also they manage reusing and recycling materials for both in garments and packaging aspect. In some of the  interviews, Deleuran has tell it clear that adapting trends or seasons isn’t a priority but rather developing timeless and long lasting pieces to avoid the downward spiral of over-consumption.

Colorful Standard clothing

3. People Tree:
These brand was particularly founded in 1991, People tree was considered as a explorer in fair trade and sustainable fashion. So, basically James and Safia Minney made it their mission to develop a brand which is contemporary, has versatile designs as well as playful, very unique prints developed to the pure sustainable and environmental standards from start to finish. They usually mastered this by utilizing global organic textile standard cotton in the manufacturing of their clothing as well as less-impact non toxic dye.

People Tree Clothing

4. BEEN London:
It is observed that, after Geenia Mineeva spent many years as a political journalist where she founded there was no market or opportunity for recyclable materials, then she initiated into this and spoke to local as well as international recycling plants, material manufacturing companies, various craftsmen, fashion designers and sustainability pioneers and came to the same realization every time – there was so much promising future in ‘waste’ that wasn’t being analyzed. Due to which, BEEN London was created. Currently, they are particularly an all-female leading team taking pride in every bag they develop, by proving to the world that waste can become beautiful inside and out.

BEEN London clothing

5. Presca Sportswear:
When it comes to Presca sportswear, it was simply founded by athletes Rob Webbon and Guy Whitby, who analyzed that there is a gap in the market for sustainable sportswear clothing and with the viewpoint of ‘if you want a job done, do it yourself’, they developed Presca. Together, their future goal was to develop and provide superior-quality clothing targeted at the sports they loved with minimum impact possible. They have done this by utilizing a high proportion of eco-friendly, recycled materials and using renewable energy in the manufacturing process as well as minimizing the quantity of water and chemicals which are being used in production.

Presca Sportswear clothing

6. KOHR:
It is particularly an organic fashion brand still in its early day’s, but they’re already a core cabinet name due to its elegant line of minimalist basics. This brand simply features soft and satisfying textures such as  waffle and rib knits, their beautiful line of unisex tops and bottoms may be less, but it somehow deals to cover all the athleisure basics. We generally want to curl up and go ahead particularly in the Oversized Waffle Shirt, which is been made of 100% organic and undyed cotton, which proves that fresh clean white look is as sustainable as it is stylish.

KOHR clothing

7. Plant Faced Clothing:
This brand is approved by the animal-loving Miley Cyrus, Plant Faced Clothing tends to mix sustainable fashion and streetwear looks into its sustainably-developed clothing features. Here, particularly bold kind of lettering and graphic designs go hand in hand for a noticeable and vegan message, with some of the accessories sporting puns and vegan jokes.

Plant Faced Clothing

8. Fanfare Label:
This is a circular fashion brand which usually creates a statement pieces out of recycled as well as deadstock fabrics and materials. In this brand there are usually no seasonal collections or trends, but rather contemporary clothing you can wear long lasting. This brand usually offers embroidered jeans and sequin blazers to utility cargo trousers as well as edgy suits, there’s a sustainable fashion attire available for every occasion.

Fanfare Label

9. Beaumont Organic:
Beaumont Organic develops socially aware clothes designed in a way to see you through every season of the year and till entire life. The items are generally found to be more versatile and contemporary with minimum silhouettes, as seen in the playful Lois-Sue Stripe dress right at home with the expensive and modern woman. This brand also offers a adorable baby collection such as a selection of rompers, baby knickers, and tops which are developed from natural materials that usually go with its popular hand-woven Moses basket.

Beaumont Organic clothing

10. Thought:
This brand is also a trendy UK sustainable clothing brand which believes that you can look amazing and look after the planet at the same time —a mission we can surely get behind. Starting from various trousers and tees to jumpers and jumpsuits, there’s wide range of sustainably-developed clothing alternatives for everything, men and women alike. People usual love this small brand’s lesser offerings—by which it means it’s ever-changing designs of socks and that make great gifts.

Thought clothing

List of Sustainable Clothing Brands in UK:
Without above brands, there are also more sustainable clothing brands in UK. These are here:

  1. Patagonia
  2. Stella McCartney
  3. Thought
  4. Rapanui
  5. Komodo
  6. TALA
  7. Finisterre
  8. Reformation
  10. Mud Jeans
  11. Gossypium
  12. Beaumont Organic
  13. Po-Zu
  14. Henri
  15. Riley Studio
  16. Mayamiko
  17. Antiform
  18. Outsider
  19. Boody
  20. WAWWA
  21. Birdsong
  22. Know The Origin
  23. Monkee Genes
  24. Ethletic
  25. Bibico
  26. Brothers We Stand
  27. Baukjen
  28. Lowie
  29. Pala Eyewear
  30. Lindex
  31. Re.Sustain
  32. Nudie Jeans
  33. Nancy Dee
  34. KTO
  35. Mila.Vert
  36. Pico
  37. Lara Intimates
  38. Ecoalf
  39. RÆBURN
  40. Aligne

So to conclude, with the on-going harmful effects of the fashion industry are inculcate into us, there are numerous brands which are acknowledging the issues and trying to start their businesses to develop change. Not due to they need to appear “good” but because it makes long-term economic aspects. So, as we know that every year, thousands of tonnes of garments are thrown away with the prominent household waste and as much as 95% of those clothes could be recycled, so with this basic idea many brands in UK has develop sustainable clothing brand.


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Q1. Which country has the major aspects of sustainable fashion?
Ans: As per the data and research the 5 countries which are found to be most interested in sustainable fashion are: United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Iceland, Australia.

Q2. How large and prominent is the UK sustainable fashion market?
Ans: As per the facts and data, the UK sustainable fashion market had total revenues of $120.4 million in 2022, showcasing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 10.7%.

Q3. Is UK is recognized as a big fashion country?
Ans: Yes, clothing has always been found as a big business for the UK. Currently, it is seen that the UK’s Fashion industry is worth £26 billion & 800,000 jobs to the economy, which makes it the UK’s largest creative industry.

Q4. Is there any future of sustainable fashion?
Ans: Yes, there is huge scope and future of sustainable fashion all around the globe. By integrating the sustainability in fashion aspect, one can easily develop a more responsible and sustainable industry which supports the earth and its people.

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