Blunders to Avoid When Moving with Children

When it is time to move, most kids get excited. They look forward to the new home or city they are moving to. On the other hand, some feel disappointed knowing they are leaving their friends and neighbors behind.

Therefore, when planning for moving, you need to break the news to your children in the right way. Based on how you handle the situation, you can have a smooth moving process as long you do not make mistakes.

moving with children

Whether you are engaging NYC movers or it is a DIY move, there are some mistakes you should avoid when moving with children. Below are the mistakes you should avoid.

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving with Children

1. Not telling your kids the reasons for moving:
One mistake you should avoid is to tell your children why you are relocating. Most parents assume that kids are young and cannot understand why moving is necessary.

If you do not explain the reasons for moving, they will have a hard time adapting to the new environment. They cannot figure out why they need to leave a good place and accept an unfamiliar place.

The best way to help the kids cope well with the relocation is to tell them the real reason for relocating. Do not let guess the reasons why you have to move. Remember, kids will always ask questions about the move.

Be honest to them and explain all they need to know. Also, convince them to see the wonderful things that come with the move.

2. Waiting until the last minute to tell your kids about the move:
The other mistake to avoid is waiting until the last minute so that you can tell your children why you have to relocate. Shocking your kids with unexpected news about the move is not a good idea.

Remember, they are kids and need enough time to process the situation. Do not think they are too young to comprehend things and do not see them as robots.

When you tell them in advance about relocating to a new home, you will prepare them well for the new place. You can show them pictures of the new city, the new home, and the new school. Show them things and places to make them look forward to moving to the new neighborhood.

But when you break the news at the last minute, you will cause tension and anxiety. Moreover, your kids may hate the new place from the first day of moving. Hence, do not make a move a secret from your children.

3. Not involving them:
Whether it is a DIY move or you want to engage a professional moving company such as NYC movers, it is important to involve your kids in the process. Do not assume that handling everything by yourself is the best way to have a stress-free relocation.

Therefore, let them help you pack some of the items. However, make sure you play smart and safe. For instance, you can allow the kids to pack their clothes or let them pack some of the items together with the professional packers.

4. Do not assume that kids can pack all their items:
Even though it is fun and exciting to allow your kids to pack most of their items, do not assume they can pack everything properly. They cannot pack items like professional packers.

If you allow them to pack everything, you may end up with damages and injuries. Hence, help them pack and ensure they learn a thing or two about packing.

Also, do not let them handle things that can injure or need special handling. The best way is to pack with them or leave them to pack simple items such as clothes and toys.

5. Excluding your kids from the move:
Even though it is a good idea to leave packing and move to a professional moving company, excluding the kids from the move is not a good idea. Remember, kids, are always curious about what they can pack to the new home.

Therefore, look for simple tasks that the kids can handle. They can pack their items and make sure they carry along with their favorite items such as plates, cups, novels, and others.

6. Having an unprepared move:
Whether the move was unplanned or it is abrupt relocation, do not make the mistake of having an unprepared move with your kids. Hence, when moving with the kids, make sure you are prepared.

Pack some snacks, inform them well, and ensure everyone is ready to move. If your kids have some pets, make sure everything is well planned.

7. Not allowing them to say goodbye to their friends and neighbors:
When moving with children, one way to let them be ready to relocate is by allowing them to say goodbye to their friends and neighbors. They will be happy to share memories and maybe exchange contacts.

8. Not allowing the kids to move with you in the same car:
If you hire a moving company to relocate your items, do not let them move with the same truck as the movers. Since the movers are strangers to your kids, the best option is to move with them in the same car as you.

9. Getting rid of your kid’s toys:
When moving, some items they would like to have in the new home are their old toys. Since their favorite toys remind them of happy moments, please do not throw them away.

10. Not letting them know how the new home look like:
To ensure your kids are not anxious when relocating to the new home, make sure they know what the new home looks like. Even if you cannot visit the house before the relocation day, you can take pictures of the new home to show your kids.

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