3XDRY® Textile Finishing Technology: Function and Benefits

Last Updated on 07/02/2021

3XDRY® Textile Finishing Technology: Function and Benefits

Md. Mehedi Hasan Shibli
Department of Textile Engineering
Northern University Bangladesh
Email: shibli121@yahoo.com


Flash dried fabrics:
Schoeller Textil’s 3XDRY® textile finishing technology provides fabrics with multi-functional moisture-management properties. It is an application of technical textile. 3XDRY® finish treatment does not affect the appearance, hand or the air permeability features of the fabric.

schoeller-3xdry finishing
Fig: Schoeller-3XDRY finishing

3XDRY®: The feel-good technology
The feel-good technology 3XDRY® makes textiles water and stain repellent on the outside and water absorbent on the inside. Cloths finished with 3XDRY® keeps the body dry, minimizes perspiration marks and stimulates a cooling effect. Founded and Manufactured by schoeller technology (Switzerland).

mechanism of 3xdry finishing
Fig: Mechanism of 3XDRY finishing technology

The Function of 3XDRY® Finish:
The 3XDRY® – Advance moisture management- finish combines two technologies in one textile: on the outside textiles is finished with a water repellent function(Hydrophobic), whereas on the fabrics inside it absorbs perspiration (Hydrophilic). As a result, it reliably repels moisture from the outside. Moisture resulting from perspiration is quickly absorbed from the inner side of the textile, transported away from the body and distributed over a large area surface area. The appearance , hand or the air permeability features are not influenced by the 3XDRY®-finish.

Benefits of 3XDRY® Finishing:

1. Minimizes perspiration marks
Only the inside of the textile absorbs moisture. Perspiration marks are practically invisible from the outside.

Minimizes perspiration marks on fabric

2. Stimulates a cooling effect
With 3XDRY®, perspiration evaporates close to the body. This assists the natural cooling function of the body and ensures more energy during active phase.

Stimulates a cooling effect of fabric

3. Repels water and stains
Textiles with 3XDRY® treatment are significantly less susceptible to water, dirt and stains.

Repels water and stains on fabric

More advantages of 3XDRY® Textile Finishing Technology:

  1. Advanced Moisture-Management System
  2. Enables the skin to breathe
  3. Ensures wear-comfort you can see and feel
  4. Is applicable on all textiles (cotton, synthetics etc)

Schoeller says that 3XDRY feel good technology is increasingly being discovered for the workwear sector, now that the versatile functions have proven themselves in sports and sportswear. 3XDRY was developed in Switzerland in accordance with the criteria of the bluesign standard, a stringent textile standard for EHS criteria (Environment, Health, and Safety).

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